The Slime is an enemy from Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light.

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The enemy is found roaming outside of Liberte and inside the Pirate Hideout. Slimes are usually encountered in groups of four. The player should watch out for the Merge ability, which allows the Slimes to merge with another of their kind to raise their overall stats. It is advised to defeat these enemies as quickly as possible, but if the merge cannot be prevented, the player should try to reduce the merged monster's HP as much as possible before the transformation.

To defeat the enemy quickly, the player should have their Black Mage use Magic Mojo and then cast the Fire spell. If the party's HP should begin to fall, the player should have their White Mage use Healthgiver and Cure to heal the party.

Part II Edit

During Part II, Slimes can only be found inside the Holy Tree Tower bonus dungeon. When they are encountered in the tower, the Slimes receive higher stats and retain the Merge ability. To defeat the group quickly, the player should attack with the Hero's Bladeblitz ability and the Black Mage's Magic Might ability. If the party's HP should begin to fall, the player should use Curaga to heal the party.

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