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FFVI Sleeping Bag Artwork

Official art from Final Fantasy VI.

Fully restores one person's HP and MP. Can be used outdoors.
Final Fantasy VI description

Sleeping Bag (ねぶくろ, Nebukuro?) is a recurring item in the series. It usually restores HP and MP, and functions similarly like a Tent or Cottage would, but to a much lesser extent.


Final FantasyEdit


Partially restores party's HP. Can only be used outdoors.

Sleeping Bags do not appear until Final Fantasy Origins, however, Tents in the original version were essentially Sleeping Bags. In the following versions of the game TENT became Sleeping Bag, while CABIN became Tent.

Sleeping Bag
Effect Partially restores HP and MP to the party.
Buy Cornelia
Find Cavern of Earth, Cavern of Ice
Drop Weretiger
Cost 50

Final Fantasy VIEdit

VI The Sleeping Bag can only be used at save points or on the World Map.

Sleeping Bag
Effect Restores all HP and MP to one character. Removes Blind, Zombie, Poison, Invisible, Imp, and Petrify.
Buy [WoB] Kohlingen, Merchant on Phantom Train, Mobliz, Narshe (only before acquiring airship), Nikeah, Returner's Hideout, South Figaro, [WoR] Albrook, Jidoor, Kohlingen, Nikeah, Thamasa, Tzen
Find [WoB] Mines in Narshe - Chest, [WoB] Narshe (Classroom) - Chest
Steal Litwor Chicken
Drop Delta Beetle, Gigantoad
Morph None
Cost 500


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