The Sky Pirate's Den (空賊の隠れ家, Kūzoku no Kakurega?) is a collection of achievements for Final Fantasy XII. By fulfilling certain conditions unknown to the player until they actually fulfill them, sprites of characters, monsters and other familiar objects from the game will move into the den. It was originally not present in The Zodiac Age version, having been replaced by trophies with mostly identical requirements, but fan demand led to the feature being reimplemented in patch 1.04.[1]

Along with the sprite the player will be given a title and the condition for the sprite will be revealed. The player needs to complete the Sky Pirate's Den to reach the highest rank in Clan Centurio, The Order of Ambrosia.

The Sky Pirate's Den resembles the Titles section in the Vagrant Story Score menu, in that it lists titles a player acquires upon meeting certain conditions, but does not reveal what the conditions are until they are met.


Image Character Title Awarded for
Ashe-ffxii-sprite Ashe Exemplar Getting your party's average level above 50.
BaGamnan-ffxii-sprite Ba'Gamnan Scrivener Complete the Bestiary in the Clan Primer.
It is only required to defeat every enemy once; the extra pages don't need to be unlocked.
Balthier-ffxii-sprite Balthier Assault Striker Attacking 300 times.
Basch-ffxii-sprite Basch Blood Dancer Defeating 500 enemies.
BehemothKing-ffxii-sprite Behemoth King Lord of the Kings Defeating the Behemoth King.
Belias-ffxii-sprite Belias High Summoner Acquiring every Esper.
Carrot-ffxii-sprite Carrot Freshmaker Defeating Carrot.
Chocobo-ffxii-sprite Chocobo Wayfarer Walking more than 50,000 steps.
SkyPirDen - Crystal Crystal Runeweaver Buying every Magick.
Deathgaze-ffxii-sprite Deathgaze Eagle Eye Defeating Deathgaze.
Fafnir-ffxii-sprite Fafnir Wyrmslayer Defeating Fafnir.
Fran-ffxii-sprite Fran Spellsinger Casting over 200 spells.
Gabranth-ffxii-ost Gabranth Mist Walker Unleashing all Concurrences at least once each.
Gilgamesh-ffxii-sprite Gilgamesh Master Swordsman Defeating Gilgamesh.
Gurdy-ffxii-sprite Gurdy Spendthrift Spending over 1,000,000 gil.
HellWyrm-ffxii-sprite Hell Wyrm Radiant Savior Defeating the Hell Wyrm.
Migelo-ffxii-sprite Migelo Privateer Selling 1000 pieces of loot.
Mimic-ffxii-sprite Mimic? Collector Buying the Canopic Jar.
Montblanc-ffxii-sprite Montblanc The Unrelenting Getting a battle chain of over 50.
OldDalan-ffxii-sprite Old Dalan Cartographer Fully explored every map.
Doesn't include areas that can only be visited once, the final dungeon, or areas without a mini-map present. It is not necessary to "light up" every part of every zone; it is sufficient to own a map for the area and enter each zone and residence.
Penelo-ffxii-sprite Penelo Plunderer Getting over 100,000 gil.
Rasler-ffxii-sprite Rasler Conqueror Unlocking every license at least once, Espers and Quickenings included.
In The Zodiac Age, accumulating 48,000 License Points.
Reks-ffxii-sprite Reks Record Breaker Getting over 500,000 clan points.
Trickster-ffxii-sprite Trickster Sharpshooter Defeating Trickster.
Ultima-ffxii-sprite Ultima Fell Angel Defeating Ultima.
Vaan-ffxii-sprite Vaan Master Thief Stealing successfully over 50 times.
Vayne-ffxii-sprite Vayne Premier Prestidigitator Using Technicks over 100 times.
Vossler-ffxii-sprite Vossler Jack-of-All-Trades Buying every Technick.
Yiazmat-ffxii-sprite Yiazmat Hunter Extraordinaire Defeating Yiazmat.
Zodiark-ffxii-sprite Zodiark Zodiac Knight Defeating Zodiark.



Air pirates, also known as sky pirates, are a type of stock character from science fiction and fantasy. Fictional air pirates typically operate as pirates in the air, or, in general, the atmosphere of a planet, dwarf planet or moon, and travel by aircraft, as opposed to the more traditional pirates on the high seas, who travel by ship.