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FFVI PC Relm Sketch

Sketch (iOS/Android/PC).

Sketch (スケッチ, Sukecchi?) is Relm's special ability in Final Fantasy VI that allows her to paint a portrait of one of her opponents and use one of its attacks on itself.


There are always two options which can be done with Sketch, and one only occurs 25% of the time. In early versions, the command was highly bugged. The hidden character Gogo may also use the Sketch command.

All enemies and bosses have a Sketch menu with a least two options regardless of being immune to the command or not. If a target didn't have any ability options, Sketching that target will result in Sketch being aborted.


If (Sketcher's level * 256) / Target's level > [0..255] then Sketch is successful. Otherwise, it misses.

Since the [0...255] part is randomized, Sketch's hit chance comes out to (Sketcher's level)/(target's level). Thus, if the Sketcher's level is equal to or higher than that of the target, then Sketch will always work.

When Relm is equipped with the Beret, the formula becomes:

(Sketcher's level * 256) / (Target's level * 170 / 256) > [0..255]

This means that if the Sketcher's level is equal to or higher than 0.67 times the level of the target, then Sketch will always work.

A Beret can first be found on the Floating Continent, and can later be bought in Tzen for 3500 gil.

Party members, monsters with the Invisible status, and the enemies in the Statue of the Gods during the final battle cannot be sketched. Furthermore, Relm cannot use Sketch attacks that would normally be affected by Silence if she is herself silenced.


FFVI Android Sketch

Sketch in effect.

Sketch uses the physical or magical attack power of the target to determine its damage. Relm's equipped armor, aside from the Beret, and weapon, have no effect on Sketch, but accessories, such as the Gigas Glove or Earring—which increase her damage output by a percentage instead of boosting her stats—are taken into consideration.

Attacks that use HP, MP, or level as a determining stat for damage (i.e. Revenge Blast) use Relm's HP/MP/level, not the target's. If Relm sketches a target and uses a spell such as Drain or Osmose, the HP or MP drained will be given to Relm. If the Sketch causes use of a curative spell, such as Cure or Esuna, the spell will be cast on the player party, not on the enemies.

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Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit


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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

TCG One of Relm's cards can use an ability based on Sketch. When Relm is played to the field, the player can choose a Monster in their Break Zone with a cost of three or less and play it to the field with the Haste ability. However, at the end of the turn or when removed from the field, it is removed from the game.


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