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Skeleton is a family of enemies in Final Fantasy XI.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Skeletons usually come equipped with a job, and will readily use the abilities and spells granted them in addition to their special attacks. They will also use Weapon Skills based on the type of weapon they are wielding.

  • Black Cloud: AoE Dark damage and Blind.
  • Blood Saber: AoE Drain.
  • Hell Slash: Single target damage.
  • Horror Cloud: Single target Slow.
  • Malediction: Strong AoE Drain. Only used by Draugar.
  • Marrow Drain: Single target MP Drain.



A skeleton is a type of physically manifested undead often found in fantasy, gothic and horror fiction, and mythical art. Most are human skeletons, but they can also be from any creature or race found on Earth or in the fantasy world.

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