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Skata'ne is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII found in the Fifth Ark and Mah'habara Subterra. In the Fifth Ark, Skata'nes can often be seen alongside with Stikinis. Skata'nes and Stikinis can also be seen fighting the Greater Behemoth. In Mah'habara Subterra, Skata'nes are seen alongside with Yakshas and Yakshinis.


When it appears with the Stikini, the latter uses its Delirious Dance to bestow Bravery and Haste. Both coordinate their attacks at one target.

When it appears with the Yakshini, the latter will use Frenzied Dance to bestow Bravery on Skata'ne. When with the Yaksha it coordinates its attacks on a single target.



Skata'ne's Japanese name is "Skatene". Skatene is the plural form for "skates" in Norwegian.

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