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Siren (Final Fantasy VI) is an esper in Final Fantasy VI who can be acquired as a magicite. It is her first appearance as a summon.


Siren is a slender, scantily clad human looking figure. She has blond hair and carries a golden harp, and wears dark blue clothing.

Siren is censored in the North American version of the SNES release, where her exposed rear is censored. A third sprite was used in the Advance release, less revealing than the original Japanese sprite, and more revealing than the original American sprite.


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Siren is granted as a magicite to the Returners by Ramuh. He grants the party the magicite after they reach him and Terra at the top, along with three other magicite, including himself, Kirin and Cait Sith.

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Siren is obtained during the main story. She is granted by Ramuh to the party, and afterwards can be permanently used.


FFVI iOS Lunatic Voice

Siren uses Lunatic Voice.

Siren costs 16 MP to summon, and casts Lunatic Voice (or Hope Song in the SNES release). This has a Hit Rate of 136, and casts Silence on all enemies.


Siren is equippable as a magicite, and teaches the following spells:

At Level Up, she provides a +10% boost to HP.