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Silver Chocobo (銀チョコボ, Gin Chokobo?) is a recruitable monster from Final Fantasy XIII-2. It is obtained by throwing Mog (with the "Improved Moogle Throw" Fragment Skill turned on) at the Bhunivelze's hologram image in the Academy headquarters in Academia -4XX AF- and can also be dropped by Valfodr Lv.15 in the Perpetual Battlefield DLC.

The crystal has a 3% chance to drop from Valfodr, and is considered a common item drop. Therefore, a Collector Catalog and/or a higher battle rating will improve drop chances, but the Monster Collector Fragment Skill won't.

Paradigm PackEdit

Tameable Monster
Name Silver Chocobo Role Sentinel
Traits Well-Grown - Loyal - Resourceful
Composition Biological Start Grade Monster Grade 3
Max Level 45 HP 2,734-3,022
Strength 213-219 Magic 261-267
ATB Segments 3 Stages 3
Innate Affinities N/A
Feral Link Kweh Kweh (Inflict magic damage on target and nearby foes. Input Type: Stick rotation)
Ability Type Level Infusible
Provoke Command Initial Y
Steelguard Command Initial Y
Ally KO: Power Surge Passive Initial Y
Fringeward Auto 2 Y
Vendetta Command 5 Y
Item Scavenger II Passive 9 N
Challenge Command 14 Y
Mediguard Command 29 Y
Deathward Auto 37 Y
Ally KO: Power Surge II Passive 44 Y

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