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Siege of Fort Condor
Final Fantasy VII
FFVII Condor Minigame
The defenders engaging an enemy commander.
Location: Fort Condor
Result: Fort Condor victory.
Huge Materia saved, condor egg hatched.
Fort Condor Shin-ra logo Shinra Inc.
Cid Highwind Grand Horn
Unknown Over 450 deployed[1]
Depends on the player Depends on the player
The following article is based on a subject that has not been officially named in any official Square Enix material; the current title is merely a placeholder.

The Siege of Fort Condor is an event in Final Fantasy VII that takes place between December εγλ 0007 and January εγλ 0008. Initially presented as an optional side quest, it later becomes a required location to gain a Huge Materia. Financed by AVALANCHE, the defenders successfully hold the superior Shinra Electric Power Company army at bay and protect the condor sitting atop of the fort. Described by the defenders as a war, it was the only armed conflict the Shinra Company ever lost.


The Shinra sees a condor nesting atop of the fort as a threat to their Mako Reactor operations, and wants to remove the bird and the inhabitants by force. They also seek to obtain the Huge Materia, which is located on the top of the fort. While most of the inhabitants evacuate, some stay behind to protect the rare condor species and garrison the fort to oppose the Shinra. Unlike in previous armed engagements, like the Wutai War and the Genesis War, and for reasons unknown, the corporation uses beasts rather than regular troops to attack the fort. Their determination to capture the fort increases as the conflict goes on, but at the end the defenders successfully prevents a takeover with the support of AVALANCHE (the latter will intervene directly should the defenders lose the last battle). The condor egg hatches and the baby condor flies off, showing that the species will continue to survive, and AVALANCHE gains the Huge Materia.


The battlefield on Fort Condor.


Main article: Fort Condor#Strategy Game

The minigame can be played at any point after exiting the Mythril Mine, and up to 15 times but only the last battle is mandatory to progress the story. With Cid as the leader of the party, the player must travel to Fort Condor and agree to help them fight Shinra. The goal is to prevent enemy troops from reaching the top. The player places various troops at different locations with each type of soldier having their strengths and weaknesses. If all the enemy troops are defeated, the battle is won and the player will receive a reward (generally a few consumables, occasionally a weapon or accessory, but nothing that can't be eventually acquired elsewhere.)

Alternatively, one can fast forward time until the troops reach the top, initiating an easy battle with the enemy commander (CMD.Grand Horn). Doing this will earn the player a bit of money for beating the boss, but will deprive them of the normal reward on all but the final battle.

On winning the final battle, the egg at the top of the fort hatches, and the people of Fort Condor give Cid and his party the Huge Materia in gratitude; the player will also be able to obtain Phoenix. Unlike the lesser rewards for previous battles, this reward is available even if enemies reached the top, provided the player won the ensuing battle with CMD.Grand Horn.

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