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Siege of Esthar
Final Fantasy VIII
Esthar under siege.
Location: Esthar Continent
Result: Galbadian victory.
Lunatic Pandora reaches Tears' Point; Lunar Cry executed successfully
Wreckage of Estharian infrastructure
Estharflag Esthar
SeeD Logo 2 SeeD Mercenary Force
Galbadiaflag Galbadian Army
Dr. Odine
Squall Leonhart
Zell Dincht
Sorceress Ultimecia
Seifer Almasy
  • Esthar Army
  • SeeD Elite Mercenaries
No SeeD deaths; heavy Esthar military deaths. Unknown.
The following article is based on a subject that has not been officially named in any official Square Enix material; the current title is merely a placeholder.

The Siege of Esthar is named for the battle that ensues in Esthar City after Sorceress Ultimecia sends the Lunatic Pandora through the city en route to Tears' Point as part of her plan to achieve Time Compression. During these events Esthar is lead by President Loire while leadership of the Galbadian Army itself has been taken over by Seifer Almasy under instruction from Ultimecia.

The involvement of the SeeD mercenary forces is purely coincidental due to a task group being caught in Esthar during the events.


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The events leading up to the siege, or more accurately the Lunar Cry that was the siege's prominent event, trace back to the completion of the Battle of the Gardens where Sorceress Edea Kramer, possessed by Ultimecia, attempted to defeat the Balamb Garden SeeD forces.

Upon Sorceress Edea's defeat Ultimecia had switched her possession to Rinoa Heartilly. During the final seconds of the battle Rinoa, under Ultimecia's control, instructed Seifer Almasy to retrieve the Lunatic Pandora and direct it to Esthar where it could initiate the Lunar Cry, before falling into a forced comatose state.


The Siege of Esthar occurs within the borders of the Esthar continent to the east of Galbadia.


A Friend in NeedEdit

Concerned for her safety Rinoa's friends, a SeeD group led by Squall Leonhart, travel to Esthar in order to find Ellone whom they believe may be able to help Rinoa out of her comatose state. Edea Kramer travels with them, believing that the Sorceress expert Dr. Odine may be able to remove her power in order to avoid being possessed by Ultimecia again.

Entering the continent via the Horizon Bridge the group traverse through the Great Salt Lake before happening upon a secret panel in a camouflage wall that allows access into Esthar city. After receiving an audience with Dr. Odine, Squall Leonhart is sent with Rinoa to the space station Lunar Base in order to see Ellone.

Lunatic Pandora and the Lunar CryEdit

Lunatic Pandora near Sorceress Memorial

Lunatic Pandora near Sorceress Memorial.

Shortly after Squall's departure the Lunatic Pandora, salvaged by Seifer Almasy and the Galbadian Army, enters Esthar air space. As the weapon travels directly over the city the remaining SeeD mercenaries, led by Zell Dincht and accompanied by one of the SeeD leaders, Edea Kramer, attempt to board the construction but are rebuffed after a certain point. Unable to do anything they watch as the weapon positions itself over Tears' Point.

Squall meanwhile arrives at and boards the Lunar Base. Leaving Rinoa in the secure medical facility he is escorted by Piet to the control room where they witness the massing of monsters upon the moon's surface which was the beginning of the Lunar Cry. After a brief conversation with Ellone an alert sounds out for a security breach in the medical facility.

Rinoa, still under zombie-like possession by Ultimecia, has broken out of the facility and is making her way to the control room. Thrown against a wall Squall can only watch as she begins deactivating the security locks on Adel's Tomb. As Squall chases after her it becomes apparent that the Lunar Cry would envelope the Lunar Base and evacuation procedures are begun.

As the Lunar Cry erupts from the moon toward the planet the sea of monsters engulfs the unsealed Sorceress Adel and the Lunar Base, bringing both down to the planet. While the Lunar Base is destroyed in the process, Adel's Tomb survives, and lands inside the awaiting Lunatic Pandora.

Under SiegeEdit

With the Lunar Cry comes an eruption of monsters worldwide. With Esthar receiving the main brunt of the population influx, the city is quickly overrun with monsters, with only small pockets of the city remaining protected by Estharian guards.


President Loire of Esthar and Dr. Odine devise a plan to defeat the Galbadians and stop Ultimecia's plan of Time Compression. The first part of the plan is to find and rescue Ellone, who had been kidnapped after escaping from the Lunar Base and lay somewhere inside the Lunatic Pandora.

The second was to fight and defeat Sorceress Adel, who would then be forced to transfer her powers to Rinoa. Rinoa would then allow herself to be possessed by Ultimecia by which time Ellone would send them both back through time; forcibly initiating the Time Compression and allowing the SeeD group to travel through time to where Ultimecia resides in order to confront her.


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