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A Showdown Event is a type of Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. These events are a subclass of Challenge Event that does not follow the typical protocol for its type.


First activated September 26, 2016 (UTC), the Showdown Event presents as an amalgam of other event types:

  • As with other Challenge Events, the player must unlock a series of battles in order of increasing difficulty.
  • Like a gauntlet, each battle is against a single enemy.
  • As with a phased event, new battles are released at set intervals over the full span of the event.
  • As first introduced, the Showdown Event is a Mote Dungeon, capable of offering 3★, 4★, and 5★ Motes used in Record Sphere augments. New to these events is the Empowering Mote that allows qualifying Heroes to access the ultra-rare 6★ ability class. Unlike the Nightmare, however, abilities in this class do not require a corresponding synthesis Record to craft.

Showdown Events also use Bravery Synergy, a concept first introduced with Discord and Harmony. Under this system, only Heroes with specific traits as determined by the phase of the Showdown will receive a Synergy bonus. These Heroes will also automatically grant Synergy to select equipment from all Realms when worn.

Each phase of a Showdown offers four battles against one boss, each battle being significantly more challenging than the battle previous to it. The equivalent levels of difficulty are Hard, Heroic, ++, and Ultimate +.

List of Showdown cyclesEdit

Event Featured classes Bosses Active dates
Japan Global
The Five Dooms
FFRK The Five Dooms Event
Monk Ultima Weapon (VII) September 25 - October 8, 2016
Odin (VIII)
Red Dragon (VI)
Knight Atomos (IX)
Tiamat (XII)
The Coliseum - Golden Arena
FFRK The Coliseum -Golden Arena- Event
Girl Power
Unit gender=F
Magus Sisters (IV) November 1 - November 17, 2016
Bad Boy Brawl
Unit gender=M
Ba'Gamnan & Co. (XII)
Size Matters Not
Unit story age ≤ 16
Triton, Nereid, & Phobos (V)
Heart of the Beast
Unit is not fully human
Ronso Bros. (X)
Battle of Champions*Requires completion of prior four rooms
Omega (V)
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