Equipment works differently in Dissidia 012's Labyrinth mode. Specifically, all pieces of equipment can be equipped regardless of level, and all equipment that requires trade accessories and gil to purchase has the gil portion of the cost reduced to 1. However, gil-only equipment is still normal price.

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Labyrinth WeaponsEdit

Name Type Trade
Storm of Light Sword Joy of Conflict
Silvance Sword Rage of Conflict
Balmung Sword Delight of Conflict, Wanderer's Hopes x2
Crescent Knife Dagger Rage of Conflict
Sigrun Dagger Sorrow of Conflict, Youth's Dream x2
Crimson Glare Dagger Delight of Conflict, Thief's Hopes x2
Stun Rod Rod Joy of Conflict
Meister Rod Rod Sorrow of Conflict, Girl's Desire x2
Assault Staff Rod Delight of Conflict, Despot's Hopes x2
Magma Staff Staff Joy of Conflict
Magical Mace Staff Rage of Conflict
Seraphim's Mace Staff Sorrow of Conflict, Girl's Desire x2
Empress Kharna Staff Delight of Conflict, Summoner's Hopes x2
Cutlass Thrown Rage of Conflict
Derringer Dirk Thrown Sorrow of Conflict, Vision's Dream x2
Delta Dirk Thrown Delight of Conflict, Thief's Hopes x2
Flat Saber Greatsword Joy of Conflict
Claymore Greatsword Rage of Conflict
Durandal Greatsword Delight of Conflict, Soldier's Hopes x2
Yasha Katana Rage of Conflict
Onimaru Katana Sorrow of Conflict, Giant's Dream x2
Suzaku Katana Delight of Conflict, Lion's Hopes x2
Halberd Spear Joy of Conflict
Daedalus Lance Spear Sorrow of Conflict, Dragoon's Dream x2
Reginleif Spear Delight of Conflict, Liegeman's Hopes x2
Werebuster Axe Joy of Conflict
Destroyer Axe Sorrow of Conflict, Phantom's Desire x2
Swanchika Axe Delight of Conflict, Stalwart's Hopes x2
Work Glove Grappling Joy of Conflict
Hyper Fist Grappling Sorrow of Conflict, Horror's Dream x2
Aura Gloves Grappling Delight of Conflict, Brawler's Hopes x2
Blessed Bell Instrument Rage of Conflict
Tinklebell Instrument Sorrow of Conflict, Liegeman's Desire x2
Bell of Alexander Instrument Delight of Conflict, Harlequin's Hopes x2
Plasma Gun Gun Joy of Conflict
Mega Cannon Gun Rage of Conflict
Sharpshooter Gun Delight of Conflict, Gunner's Hopes x2
Triple Staff Pole Rage of Conflict
Battle Pole Pole Sorrow of Conflict, Soldier's Desire x2
Berzerker's Staff Pole Delight of Conflict, Witch's Hopes x2

Labyrinth Hand EquipmentEdit

Name Type Trade
Spiked Shield Shield Joy of Conflict
Sentinel Shield Shield Rage of Conflict
Cimmerian Shield Shield Sorrow of Conflict, Flash's Hopes x2
Impervious Shield Shield Delight of Conflict, Knight's Hopes x2
Herculean Gloves Gauntlet Joy of Conflict
Sky Pirate Gauntlet Gauntlet Sorrow of Conflict, Brawler's Dream x2
Soft Hands Gauntlet Delight of Conflict, Horror's Hopes x2
Kaiser Shield Large Shield Rage of Conflict
Moebius Shield Large Shield Sorrow of Conflict, Tree's Dream x2
Dullahan's Shield Large Shield Delight of Conflict, Hero's Hopes x2
Raven Parrying Joy of Conflict
Izayoi Parrying Sorrow of Conflict, Wanderer's Dream x2
Shiranui Parrying Delight of Conflict, Youth's Hopes x2
Metal Armguard Bangle Joy of Conflict
Harmonia Armlet Bangle Rage of Conflict
Entite Bangle Bangle Sorrow of Conflict, Youth's Desire x2
Wonder Bangle Bangle Delight of Conflict, Wraith's Hopes x2

Labyrinth HeadgearEdit

Name Type Trade
Shining Helm Helm Joy of Conflict
Polychrome Helm Helm Sorrow of Conflict, Hero's Desire x2
Prism Helm Helm Delight of Conflict, Tree's Hopes x2
Porrean Beret Hat Joy of Conflict
Time Cap Hat Rage of Conflict
Protect Hat Hat Delight of Conflict, Wanderer's Hopes x2
Angelic Tiara Hairpin Rage of Conflict
Solar Sunglasses Hairpin Sorrow of Conflict, Lady's Dream x2
Prismatic Shades Hairpin Delight of Conflict, Girl's Hopes x2
Flashy Bandana Headband Rage of Conflict
Gale Bandana Headband Sorrow of Conflict, Liegeman's Desire x2
Ajna Crown Headband Delight of Conflict, Sky Pirate's Hopes x2

Labyrinth Body ArmorEdit

Name Type Trade
Silver Vest Light Armor Joy of Conflict
White Vest Light Armor Rage of Conflict
Black Vest Light Armor Sorrow of Conflict, Horror's Dream x2
Platinum Vest Light Armor Delight of Conflict, Flash's Hopes x2
Lamellar Armor Heavy Armor Rage of Conflict
Ruby Armor Heavy Armor Sorrow of Conflict, Hero's Dream x2
Midnight armor Heavy Armor Delight of Conflict, Warrior's Hopes x2
Flashy jumpsuit Clothing Joy of Conflict
Suzaku's Gi Clothing Sorrow of Conflict, Champion's Hopes x2
Fur Coat Clothing Delight of Conflict, Liegeman's Hopes x2
Magic Robe Robe Joy of Conflict
Nimbus Robes Robe Rage of Conflict
Sage's Mantle Robe Sorrow of Conflict, Harlequin's Desire x2
Bountiful Vestment Robe Delight of Conflict, Reaper's Hopes x2
Mini Protector Chestplate Joy of Conflict
Royal Chestplate Chestplate Sorrow of Conflict, Sky Pirate's Desire x2
Elemental Guard Chestplate Delight of Conflict, Horror's Hopes x 2