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FFV Krile using Shirahadori

Krile using Shirahadori.

Shirahadori (しらはどり, Shirahadori?) or (白刃取り, Shiraha Dori?), also known as Blade Grasp, Swrdgrab or Evade, is a recurring ability related to the Samurai Job class.


Final Fantasy VEdit

Shirahadori, also known as Evade, is a Level 3 Samurai Job class that costs 60 ABP. It gives the character a 25% chance to completely evade an attack before normal Hit Rate calculations begin.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

Shirahadori is a Yagudo weaponskill used by certain Notorious Monsters in Shadowreign areas, which pins a target in place.

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

Shirahadori, also known as Blade Grasp, is reaction ability the Samurai class learns for 700 JP. This ability lets the unit avoid any physical attacks easily, including, despite what the game says, arrow/bolt attacks (but not abilities that ignore Evasion; this glitch was not fixed in the PSP port).

This is widely-known as a highly unbalanced ability to have, since its success rate is equal to the amount of Bravery a character has. Therefore, if a character with 100 Bravery equips Shirahadori, he or she will evade all physical attacks that do not ignore Evasion. Interestingly, when the A.I. deals with such absolute failure rate they will change their tactics to avoid this ability, or simply do nothing. This is the reason for the system not allowing the unit's resultant Bravery to be maximized after the battle but limited at 97, meaning that enemies will try to attack the player even with a 3% chance to hit.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit


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Shinken Shirahadori (真剣白刃取り) means "live blade catching," a dangerous technique used to catch blades using only hands, as written in the book Classical Weaponry of Japan: Special Weapons and Tactics of the Martial Arts.

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