...hoodlums again.
—Shinra Manager

Shinra Manager is a minor non-player character in Final Fantasy VII. He works for the Shinra Electric Power Company.

AVALANCHE first meets him in the train on the way back to Sector 7 from the successful bombing mission. When Barret drives the other passengers out of the car, the Shinra Manager complains about riff-raff always being present in the last train. He is met again the next morning when AVALANCHE board the train to go to their next mission. He again complains about having to share the car with them. Barret catches on to his mutterings and threatens him while the Shinra Manager obstinately refuses to give up his seat, until Tifa intervenes.

Shinra Manager (or a similar character that shares his model; specifics are generally unclear in dummied content) is seen in a dummied cutscene in the Honey Bee Inn. The whole reception area of the Honey Bee Inn was removed to the game's full release, so the Shinra Manager can never be found there in the game's retail version.

During the party's venture into the Shinra Headquarters to save Aeris, if the player chooses to barge in through the front door, they ride an elevator to the upper floors that stops in random floors. Usually, the elevator stopping initiates a battle, but sometimes, a person who appears to be the Shinra Manager tries to get on the elevator. When he realizes AVALANCHE is on board, he makes an excuse and runs off.

The Shinra Manager is later seen in Junon during Rufus's parade. He is hiding in his room because he does not want to go to work that day. The Shinra Manager follows President Rufus to Costa del Sol, where he can be spoken to at the ship docks and will declare his frustration against the Shinra company he had been holding inside.

The Manager can be encountered again near the end of the game in his apartment in Junon where he will explain the company ordered him to remain in Junon (possibly out of his conflict of interests with his superiors). He realizes that with the attacks made on Midgar by Diamond Weapon and several of the Shinra staff killed, he would be the only remaining executive, and would, therefore, be the current Shinra president.