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FFLTnS Shinatsuhiko Alt1

Shinatsuhiko (シナツヒコ, Shinatsuhiko?) is a wind-elemental summon that appears in Final Fantasy Legends II.

Shinatsuhiko’s special ability is Tornado Zone when summoned into battle, which has a chance to inflict instant death to all enemies. Summoning Shinatsuhiko costs 2 points from the Consumption Gauge.

Shinatsuhiko allows the user to learn the following abilities:

Stats and PassiveEdit

Upgrading StatsEdit

Rank Maximum Level Phantom Stone Cost Max HP Max MP Max Attack Max Magic Max Speed Components Needed
☆ 5 50 16 721 60 100 60 84 None
☆ 6 60 16 884 72 112 73 102 ?
☆ 7 70 16 1,029 83 141 84 117 ?


Etymology Edit

Shinatsuhiko is another name for the Japanese kami, or god, of wind Fūjin, as seen in his design depicting him using a bag to unleash his wind.

Fūjin is the Japanese wind god. In Chinese Buddhism, a legend states that Fūjin and Raijin were originally evil demons who opposed Buddha. They were captured in battle with Buddha's army of heaven, and have worked as gods since then.


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