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FFX-2 Shin-Zantetsu

Shin-Zantetsu in Final Fantasy X-2.

Shin-Zantetsuken (真・斬鉄剣, Shin Zantetsuken?, lit. True Zantetsuken), also known as Shin-Zantetsu and True Edge, is a recurring ability in the series. It is generally an upgrade to the signature attack Zantetsuken, and generally has a much higher chance to inflict Instant Death to all enemies than Zantetsuken. It has a success rate of 140 and stalls target's Final Attack one turn.


Final Fantasy VIEdit

Shin-Zantetsuken, originally called True Edge, is the summon ability of Raiden. It has a higher success rate of inflicting Death to all enemies compare to Odin, and costs 80 MP to use.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Shin-Zantetsu is an ability of the Samurai dressphere. It attempts to inflict Instant Death to all enemies instead of one enemy for the cost of 32 MP. This ability fails when an enemy is immune to the status ailment KO. It requires 100 AP to learn and requires Momentum to have been mastered. Learning the ability will unlock Zantetsu. It can also be used via Lady Luck's Attack Reels by rolling three Red 7s.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Shin-Zantetsuken is Odin's final ability featured in the instanced encounter that debuted at FFXIV FanFest 2014. Odin will begin to use Shin-Zantetsuken at around 15% HP, and the party must defeat him before the ability finishes casting, or else face certain death.

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

The Raiden card references Shin-Zantetsuken by Breaking two Forwards when played, acting as an upgrade to the effects of Odin's cards, which Break one Forward.



Shin-Zantetsuken involves a pun. 'Shin' could mean 'true' or 'new' meaning that an alternate name for Shin-Zantetsuken could read as "New Iron Cutting Sword" as an indicator of its upgraded form.

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