Armor that provides excellent protection.
—Description, Final Fantasy IX.

Shielded Armor, also known as Shield Armor and Plated Armor, is a recurring armor in the series. It is generally a mid-ranked armor that provides a variety of defenses.


Final Fantasy IXEdit

IX The Shield Armor is a mid-ranked armor that can only be equipped by Steiner, Freya, and Beatrix. It provides +23 Defense, +5 Magic Defense, teaches Distract, and halves damage from Fire, Ice, and Thunder-elemental attacks. It can be bought for 4,300 gil at Esto Gaza and Ipsen's Castle, or found in Oeilvert, the Desert Palace, or as a treasure in the Faraway Lagoon Chocograph.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

XII The Shielded Armor is a mid-ranked heavy armor that provides +24 Defense, +5 Strength, and Auto-Protect. It can be bought for 4,000 gil at Rabanastre, Jahara, and Mt Bur-Omisace, and requires the Heavy Armor 4 license for 35 LP to equip.

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit


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Dissidia Final FantasyEdit

Dissidia The Shielded Armor is a level 37 heavy armor that provides +1337 HP and Physical Defense +10%. It can be obtained from the shop by trading 8,510 gil, Shell Armor, and Unknown's Bone.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Dissidia012 The Shielded Armor returns as a level 30 heavy armor that provides +1604 HP, -30 Bravery, and Physical Defense +3%. It can be obtained from the shop by trading 27,760 gil, Shell Armor, and Basilisk Pebble.