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Shellra (シェルラ, Sherura?) is a recurring White Magic spell in the series. The spell is a stronger variant of the Shell spell.


Final Fantasy XIEdit


Final Fantasy XI Spell
MP: 18
Effect: Enhances Magic Defense
Duration: Varies
Casting Time: 3 seconds
Recast Time: 15 seconds
Magic Type: White Magic
Element: Light
Jobs: WHM 17

Shellra is a White Magic spell that provides the effect of Shell to all party members within range. It is learned by White Mages at level 17. The spell takes 3 seconds and 18 MP to cast. It may be used once every 15 seconds. Several upgraded versions are also available.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit


Significantly raise target's magic resistance for a short time.

Shellra is a Synergist spell which increases resistance to magical damage and healing by 50%. Its effect duration is shorter than Shell's. It can be learned by Oerba Dia Vanille at stage 9 and by Oerba Yun Fang at stage 7.

In the Japanese version of the game, the spell is called Shellda (シェルダ, Sheruda?).

Final Fantasy AgitoEdit


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Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit


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