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Shango is one of the four Divine Generals in Final Fantasy Dimensions.

First BattleEdit

This battle occurs on the Heliogabalus. It's a scripted battle. It ends when Shango uses Divine Storm, which reduces the party to 1 HP.


Keep the party alive until he uses Divine Storm.

Second BattleEdit

The general is fought this time inside Castle Avalon. He has some familiar moves that deal physical damage to one target such as Pommel, Slice n' Dice and Takedown. Sweep damages all party member with a chance if inflicting Stun like Pommel. Thundaga is a typical move. Voltage Cross deal massive Lightning elemental damage to one target while Divine Storm inflicts half as much as Voltage Cross but to the entire party.


The fight is pretty straightforward. Casting Mighty Guard or Might Wall at the start of the battle to enhance defense while having a healer to replenish HP. Other members may attacking the general with their best abilities.

Related enemiesEdit


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