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FFT0 Setzer

The Setzer's normal form (top) and jet form (bottom).

With hope in my heart and my chin held high,
I await the day my ship shall once more rule the sky.
—Captain Setzer

The Setzer (飛空挺セッツァー, Hikūtei Settsā?, lit. Airship Setzer) is the party's personal airship in Final Fantasy Type-0. It is an airship of ancient teknology, found in the Silent Key at the end of the Veill Desolands.

Acquiring the Setzer unlocks the achievement The Ark of Agito, while shooting down fifty enemies with the Setzer unlocks the achievement Master Marksman.


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FFT0 Setzer Message

The message from "Captain Setzer".

To obtain the Setzer, the player needs to progress the main scenario to Chapter 7, first free time period and finish all the Expert Trials available at the time, to unlock the level 37 trial "Operation Homecoming".

After clearing "Operation Homecoming", the town of Bazz will be fell under the Dominion control and the player can enter the town to accept the Task titled "Rumble in the Ruins", which requested the player to eliminate one of the Iron Giants in the Silent Key.

The player can acquire the Setzer from the last area of the Silent Key.

The Setzer carries over to the New Game Plus playthrough.



FFT0 Setzer WM

Calling Setzer on the world map.

Setzer can be called from anywhere in Orience with Triangle + Circle.

Tilting the left analog stick steers the airship. Triangle boosts and L1 brakes. Holding R1 locks on and pressing Square fires magic shots. Circle lands on accessible terrain.

The airship can fly all over the world, but can only land in certain areas.


FFT0 Setzer Minigame

The minigame.

Airborne enemies that engage the Setzer can be downed by locking on and firing magic shots. The amount of gil earned increases with each successive takedown.

The enemies encountered midair are either Mid-sized Carriers hovering over Militesi territory or otherwise unspecified dragons.

Musical themesEdit

Trouble with the audio sample?

The theme that plays when flying the Setzer is "Soar", the sixth track on the third disc of the original soundtrack.

Other appearancesEdit

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallEdit

TFFCC The Setzer appears in the Field Music Sequence for "Soar".



The ship is named after Setzer Gabbiani from Final Fantasy VI, who was known as the only man in the world to own a private airship.

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