Set is an enemy from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It appears on the final day in the Luxerion Cathedral.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

The Set is a more powerful Anubys creature. It is still susceptible to perfect guarding against its axe swings, although it will take more than one perfect guard to stagger it. It has a quick sideways slice that may catch players off guard while attacking it; it is weak, but frequent.

It has three dangerous attacks: an overhead smash that is slow but will hurt; Spellsword, which unless evaded or perfect guarded will do 5000+ damage; and Wargod's Boon, which bestows Bravery, Haste, Protect and Shell on it.

Strategy Edit

The player should aim to perfect guard Set's axe swings and go in for the kill when it has stumbled to the floor. The player can steal the Set's status buffs, with Bravery and Haste being the most useful. The player can use Deprotect twice to get rid of its Protect status.

Etymology Edit

Set or Seth is a god of the desert, storms, disorder, violence and foreigners in ancient Egyptian religion. Set is usually depicted as a beast resembling no known creature, usually referred to as a Set animal.

Trivia Edit

  • Set or Seth is usually depicted as a Set animal in Egyptian mythology. In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, however, his head is more akin to a bird. Set has a head similar in shape to the god Thoth, being an ibis. The choice for the artistic difference is probably so Set was not just a complete palette swap of Anubys.
  • Set shares its Japanese name with a character from Final Fantasy VII, Seto.

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