A server, also know as data center or world, is a computer, or more likely a network of computers, that functions as the host of some sort of electronic media. Several Final Fantasy games have multiplayer features that utilize servers.

Appearances Edit

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- Edit

The multiplayer mode once had servers that had a capacity of 1000 each. Seven known lobbies existed at a point in time, each named after characters from Final Fantasy VII (in English text).

Final Fantasy XI Edit

All active servers in Final Fantasy XI are named after summons from earlier entries in the series. Some servers employed during the game's beta tests were named after enemies instead. Final Fantasy XI launched with twenty servers available for public use and subsequently added another fifteen. Nineteen sparsely populated servers have since been decommissioned, however, leaving the game with its current roster of sixteen. Characters on discontinued worlds were automatically transferred to other servers.

In addition to the servers listed below, worlds named Chocobo and Moogle have been used for special events and product demonstrations. Game data also specifies the existence of Behemoth, Dragon, Chimera, and Wyvern servers whose intended purposes are unknown.

Standard Servers Edit

Name Activation
Asura December 9, 2003
Bahamut May 16, 2002
Bismarck December 19, 2002
Carbuncle May 16, 2002
Cerberus November 7, 2002
Fenrir May 16, 2002
Lakshmi March 13, 2003
Leviathan May 16, 2002
Odin May 16, 2002
Phoenix May 16, 2002
Quetzalcoatl May 16, 2002
Ragnarok May 16, 2002
Shiva May 16, 2002
Siren May 16, 2002
Sylph May 16, 2002
Valefor May 16, 2002

Retired Servers Edit

All characters on a deactivated server were automatically moved to a standard server.

Name Activation Deactivation Destination
Ixion December 19, 2002 January 14, 2003 Bismarck
Kirin December 19, 2002 January 14, 2003 Bismarck
Typhon December 19, 2002 January 14, 2003 Kujata
Garuda November 06, 2002 March 22, 2010 Lakshmi
Pandemonium November 06, 2002 March 22, 2010 Asura
Kujata December 19, 2002 March 22, 2010 Valefor
Seraph March 13, 2003 March 22, 2010 Bismarck
Midgardsormr June 10, 2003 March 22, 2010 Quetzalcoatl
Fairy October 07, 2004 March 22, 2010 Sylph
Hades October 07, 2004 March 22, 2010 Cerberus
Remora October 07, 2004 March 22, 2010 Leviathan
Alexander May 16, 2002 May 09, 2011 Shiva
Caitsith May 16, 2002 May 09, 2011 Ragnarok
Diabolos May 16, 2002 May 09, 2011 Siren
Gilgamesh May 16, 2002 May 09, 2011 Carbuncle
Ifrit May 16, 2002 May 09, 2011 Odin
Ramuh May 16, 2002 May 09, 2011 Bahamut
Titan May 16, 2002 May 09, 2011 Phoenix
Unicorn May 16, 2002 May 09, 2011 Fenrir

Test Servers Edit

Of all original servers intended for testing, only Atomos and Undine remain in use.

Name Purpose
Chaos Japanese PlayStation 2 beta test.
Zande Japanese PlayStation 2 beta test.
Golbez First half of Japanese PlayStation 2 beta test.
Xdeath First half of Japanese PlayStation 2 beta test.
Glasyalabolas Japanese PC beta test.
Cactuar North American PS2 and PC beta test.
Hydra International Xbox 360 beta test.
Atomos Active test server for Developers; closed to public.
Undine Public testing of new features to approved players prior to content release.

Final Fantasy XIV Edit

Servers are divided into six datacenters: Elemental, Gaia, Mana, Aether, Primal, and Chaos. Previously, two main datacenters are available: one for North America and Europe, and one for Japan.

Players are free to create characters on servers tied to any datacenter, regardless of its geographical location; the new datacenter in Montreal, Canada was simply made for western audiences as a lower-ping alternative to the Japanese datacenter.

The Duty Finder and Raid Finder features allows parties to invite members from other servers, although the process is done automatically using a queuing system (i.e. A character on Garuda can't specifically seek out a character on Atomos using the Duty Finder). It was also stated in an interview that the ARR servers were designed to allow for a "worldless model" - that is, more interactive functionality between servers - later in development. Cross-server queueing extends only to servers within each data center (thus players on Primal servers cannot be queued with players on Aether servers). Patch 3.5 extended the Party Finder to support cross-server recruitment.

At the 2014 London Fanfest, it was announced that plans were underway to set up a dedicated datacenter in Europe for European players. The Chaos data center, which had been recommended for European players, was eventually moved from Montreal to Frankfurt, Germany in September 2015.

At PAX East 2017, Naoki Yoshida announced the North American data center would be relocated to a new data center equipped with more modern facilities. The change occurred in May 2017.[1]

At the 2018 Las Vegas Fen Festval, two new data centers were announced; Crystal for North America, and Light for Europe. These new data centers are to mostly consist of servers moved from the already existing data centers to ease congestion on the instance servers, with both European data centers also adding one new server each.

Active servers Edit

These servers are initially restricted to new players so that their economies can develop independently, however these restrictions are sometimes relaxed after a time to enable server transferring. 1.0 character data has been transferred strictly to the Legacy servers (see next section). Some additional servers were launched September 2013 to accommodate growing demand. An additional three were launched in April 2014 to accompany the release of the PS4 version. With the release of Stormblood in June 2017, an additional server was added to the European data center; due to it rapidly filling up with players, another server was activated shortly after the expansion's launch.

Like the servers for Final Fantasy XI, many of the new servers are named after summons in the Final Fantasy series. Unlike that game, however, many of Final Fantasy XIVs servers are also named after common enemies, all of which have nevertheless appeared as summons in the series if Dissidia Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord, and Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings are considered, with the exception of Adamantoise.

Servers marked with a * will be moved to the Crystal data center when added. Servers marked with a ^ will be moved to the Light data center when added.

Elemental Gaia Mana
Aether Primal Chaos

Legacy servers Edit

The Old servers (see below) were merged as part of patch 1.20 of Final Fantasy XIV. To ensure communities are retained on these servers, they are being directly transferred to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and will be tagged with the word "Legacy". 1.0 character data transfer will initially be restricted to these servers, meaning 1.0 characters temporarily cannot transfer to any server beyond what is listed here. This is to ensure New servers (their economies and player levels) are given a chance to develop independently. However, new characters can be created on any server.

These servers were named after famous weapons from the Final Fantasy series. The chosen weapons are significant to one (if not both) of the corresponding servers in the merger (example: Wutai + Gysahl => Masamune), and also have real world cultural significance. They were renamed as such because the original town motif lead to the overcrowding of servers with more recognizable and popular names (particularly Midgar and Selbina), and the under-population of less-known town names like Saronia. As a way of balance, larger servers were merged with smaller servers (example: Saronia + Lindblum => Sargatanas). This decision also prevents confusion in case Square-Enix intends to use the town names in later content.

Name Merged 1.0 Servers Datacenter
Aegis Melmond + Figaro Elemental
Balmung Fabul + Besaid Aether
Durandal Rabanastre + Cornelia Gaia
Excalibur Karnak + Palamecia + Bodhum Primal
Gungnir Mysidia + Istory Elemental
Hyperion Trabia + Kashuan Primal
Masamune Wutai + Gysahl Mana
Ragnarok None (created during server merge) Chaos
Ridill Selbina Japan
Sargatanas Saronia + Lindblum Aether

Servers on the Chaos data center are recommended for European players. This is primarily to ensure the serves are most active during that region's prime time, but also to alleviate some concerns about language barriers. However, like anyone else they are welcome to make characters on any server they wish.

Old servers Edit

Old servers from pre-1.20 were named after towns in the Final Fantasy series. These have long since been merged into the current Legacy servers.

Name Activation Name Activation
Besaid August 31, 2010 Lindblum August 31, 2010
Bodhum September 3, 2010 Melmond September 3, 2010
Cornelia August 31, 2010 Mysidia August 31, 2010
Fabul September 6, 2010 Palamecia September 3, 2010
Figaro August 31, 2010 Rabanastre September 3, 2010
Gysahl August 31, 2010 Saronia September 6, 2010
Istory August 31, 2010 Selbina September 3, 2010
Kashuan August 31, 2010 Trabia August 31, 2010
Karnak October 02, 2010 Wutai August 31, 2010

Test servers Edit

The original test servers were named after villains. Narshe and Zvahl (internal testing servers) are incidentally both named after dark and snowy places. ARR Alpha test servers were initially named after prominent Final Fantasy figures, though Chocobo and Moogle were merged to become Louisoix, an allusion to his confrontation with Bahamut at the end of 1.0's story. Several of the release servers were also activated during the beta tests (for both 1.0 and ARR).

Name Purpose
Emperor PC Alpha and Beta Test.
Exdeath PC Alpha and Beta Test.
Garland PC Alpha and Beta Test.
Gabranth PC Alpha and Beta Test.
Golbez PC Alpha and Beta Test.
Jecht PC Alpha and Beta Test.
Kefka PC Alpha and Beta Test.
Sephiroth PC Alpha and Beta Test.
Shadow Lord PC Alpha and Beta Test.
Ultimecia PC Alpha and Beta Test.
Narshe Ongoing internal testing.
Zvahl Ongoing internal testing.
Moogle ARR Alpha Test
Chocobo ARR Alpha Test
Bahamut ARR Alpha Test
Louisoix ARR Alpha Test (Merger of Moogle and Chocobo)

Final Fantasy XV Edit

The "Comrades" multiplayer expansion uses servers named after locations in Eos.

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