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Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit


Paradigm ShiftEdit

New formation!

This should do it!

Your turn.

Time to switch!

Work with me!


Hey, hold on a second, what do you mean, 'sanctions'?
—Against Caius Ballad in Oerba 200 AF.

Commando AbilitiesEdit

Take this!

Get it!

Ravager AbilitiesEdit

Take this!

Get them!

Sentinel AbilitiesEdit

What's wrong?

Saboteur AbilitiesEdit



Synergist AbilitiesEdit

Try this.

Medic AbilitiesEdit

Full ATB skill: Ultima ArrowEdit

Get ready for this!


One down, more to go.

I kinda feel bad.

I think I could handle that one alone.


Help me, Lightning...


I need help.
HP hits HP Critical state.

Thank you.
—Receives healing.

Thanks, buddy.
Good boy!
—Receives healing from a Paradigm Pack ally

Here goes...
You ready?
—A Paradigm Pack ally unleashes its Feral Link ability.

Go, go, go!
Now everyone!
—An enemy is staggered.

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