I'm so bored... Uh, I mean... Boy, do I work hard!
—Serafie, World of Final Fantasy

Serafie is a non-player character in World of Final Fantasy. Serafie is charged with managing the Prism Case for the twins Lann and Reynn. She can be found in Plaza 99 with Tama, occasionally with items or Mirages on her head. She can also be contacted using the Seraphone.



Serafie is a winged pixie with orange-pink hair. She can be seen carrying a watering can to water flowers in Plaza 99.


Serafie seems to have a nonchalant attitude to the things happening around here. She enjoys playing tricks at Tama, for example pouring water from the watering can on Tama's head.


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When Tama sacrifices her nine lives in order to rewind time in order to prevent Lann's sacrifice, her role in events in the altered timeline is replaced by Serafie, who handles all duties that Tama handled in addition to her normal duties. However, the party is eventually able to restore Tama after consulting with the Girl Who Forgot Her Name. Afterwards, the original roles of both characters are restored in the timeline and Serafie asks the Girl to not make her "fill in for that lazy Tama anymore."

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Who's WhoEdit

CV: Nancy Sullivan / Eri Kitamura
Age: Immeasurable
Notes: Undetectably excited / Refuses to enthuse / Supposedly everyone's favorite pixie / Flies / Watering can / "How did that get there?" / Keeps cards close to her chest
First World of Origin


You here to manage your prismariums?
—When selecting "Prism Case"
I can see that you need my services.
—When selecting "Talk with Serafie"
My, what lovely weather we never stop having.
—When selecting "Talk with Serafie"
Hey, if no one else here is up to the task of saving the world, I will. Yup.
—When selecting "Talk with Serafie"
Just between us, I've heard... that the chocobo on Chocolatte's head is the real her... Ha, just kidding!
—When selecting "Talk with Serafie"
Much like me, the Prism Case will mature over time. Something to look forward to.
—When selecting "Talk with Serafie"
A little heads up there: the Prism Case can only hold so much, so watch your capacity. Because if you let the case overflow then, let's... just... say... Nothing at all 'cause I don't wanna scare you.
—When selecting "Talk with Serafie"

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

Serafie managed the Prismarium Emporium exchange in the Collector's Event World of Grymoire.

Kingdom Hearts seriesEdit

Serafie makes an appearance in Kingdom Hearts χ [chi] as an obtainable headgear with Reynn.