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Final Fantasy VII Boss
セフィロス (Sefirosu)?
Sephiroth Final BossFFVII
Level HP MP
negative infinity negative infinity negative infinity
Attack Magic Defense
negative infinity negative infinity negative infinity
M. Defense Dexterity Evade
negative infinity negative infinity negative infinity
negative infinity negative infinity negative infinity
Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
- - - -
Earth Wind Gravity Poison Holy
- - - - -
Location Lifestream
Steal Nothing
Item Drop Nothing
Morph Nothing
Abilities none
Enemy Skill N/A
Status immunity none
Manipulate Couldn't manipulate.
Other information

-Abilities whose names are not shown when used are highlighted in italics.
- The party cannot escape.
- Has no stats and will fall after a single attack of any kind.

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Sephiroth is a boss in Final Fantasy VII, and the true final boss of the game. After defeating Safer∙Sephiroth‎, Cloud Strife falls into the Lifestream and fights a metaphysical Sephiroth inside the spiritual realm.


This boss battle is cinematic, as evidenced by how all his stats are negative infinity. Cloud instantly gains the Limit Break Omnislash even if he has not learned it. The Change command to change row is greyed out, Sephiroth starts with an empty ATB gauge, and Cloud's first physical attack will deal double damage, as if the battle was a preemptive attack.

If Cloud does not use Omnislash, Sephiroth will attack Cloud which reduces his HP by 31/32, to which Cloud will instantly counter and win the battle. Cloud is not equipped with a Counterattack Materia in the battle, but counters because Sephiroth's AI script commands him to. This is evident because if Sephiroth is made to miss (not possible in a normal game), Cloud will still counterattack.

If cheat devices, such as Gameshark or Action Replay, are used to keep the player's Materia, one can use Sense on him to find out that Sephiroth has negative infinity Hit Points. Regardless of this, any attack, so long as it does not miss, even using the Steal command, will defeat Sephiroth.

Sephiroth has only one attack in his disposal, which depletes all of Cloud's health, leaving him with negative infinity HP. It is classified as a magical attack, and thus will never critical.

If Cloud enters the battle with 7,777 HP, the attacking spree phase of the All Lucky 7s status will not activate.

While it is impossible to get Game Over in this battle, it is possible to hang the game in an infinite loop via a cheating device. If one is to set something else than a weapon as Cloud's weapon (a Protect Ring, for example), Cloud's regular attacks will miss. When Sephiroth slashes Cloud and he counterattacks, he will miss, and Sephiroth will keep on attacking Cloud, but his every attack deals less and less damage until he is doing 0 HP damage every hit.

AI ScriptEdit

AI: Setup {

Turn off Death Handling for Sephiroth

} AI: Main {

Choose Cloud
Use <None>
Set Cloud as Self
Choose Sephiroth
Use Attack Command on Target

} AI: Counter - General {

Choose Self
Use <Done-in> on Target
Remove Self
RunCmd 0x22/0x0F

} AI: Counter - Death {

Choose Self
Use <Done-in> on Target
RunCmd 0x22/0x0F

} AI: Counter - 13 {

[2110] = [2110] OR 0x08




Cold cast statue.

A cold cast statue of the final show-down of Cloud vs. Sephiroth made by Kotobukiya limited to 1000 pieces total is considered a very rare collectible. It is modeled a statue in Ganryujima depicting the legendary swordsmen Musashi Miyamoto and Sasaki Kojiro, who were also inspiration for the characters of Cloud and Sephiroth for Final Fantasy VII.[1]



  • Cloud has a different, more detailed battle model in the fight that is only used in this one battle. His face is more detailed and he has studs sticking out of his shoulder pauldron.
  • When the battle starts the camera will show close-ups of Cloud's and Sephiroth's faces in a sequence. This scene is recreated in Dissidia Final Fantasy at the end of Cloud's Destiny Odyssey where he fights Sephiroth.
  • The music in this battle is "Those Chosen by the Planet", minus the vocals.
  • In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, a Sephiroth fangirl in Midgar mentions that she'd "Love to see him stripped to the waist", a reference to his appearance during this scripted battle.

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