Sentinel (デフェンダー, Defendā?, lit. Defender) is a recurring job in Final Fantasy series. It is a job specializing in drawing enemy attacks and reducing incoming damage.


Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Sentinel is a role which concentrates on reducing incoming damage. Snow and Fang specialize in Sentinel.

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

Sentinel reduces incoming damage. Serah and Noel start with Sentinel, but only Noel specializes in the role. The role loses Evade, Counter, and Elude, but gains Element Guard. There are also numerous Paradigm Pack monsters that serve as Sentinels. Lightning in the Lightning's Story: Requiem of the Goddess DLC scenario has a role based on the Sentinel called Knight.


A sentinel is a person or thing that watches or stands as if watching.

Other languagesEdit

Language Name Abbreviation English translation
Spanish Protector Protector
Italian Sentinella Sentinel
French Défenseur Defender
German Verteidiger VRT Defender
Chinese 防禦者
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