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Selections from Final Fantasy XII Original Soundtrack is the Final Fantasy XII soundtrack album released by Tofu Records. It features 31 tracks from the full Final Fantasy XII: Original Soundtrack. The tracks are the same as on the full soundtrack, although some are cut shorter. The album includes a DVD with a Japanese music video for "Kiss Me Good-Bye".

Track listEdit

  1. "Opening Movie (Theme of FINAL FANTASY XII)"
  2. "Boss Battle"
  3. "Training in the Sewers"
  4. "Penelo's Theme"
  5. "To Be a Sky Pirate"
  6. "Gutter-churl"
  7. "The Dalmasca Estersand"
  8. "Quiet Resolve"
  9. "Parting Ways"
  10. "Nalbina Fortress"
  11. "Flash of Steel"
  12. "Balthier's Promise"
  13. "Nalbina Dungeons"
  14. "The Archadian Empire"
  15. "Black of Night (Imperial Version)"
  16. "Discord (Imperial Version)"
  17. "The Yensan Sandsea"
  18. "Life and Death"
  19. "Golmore Jungle"
  20. "Chocobo Theme (FFXII Version)"
  21. "The Salikawood"
  22. "A Moment's Rest"
  23. "On the Riverbank"
  24. "The Mosphoran Highwaste"
  25. "The Cerobi Steppe"
  26. "Zertinan Caverns"
  27. "Ashe's Theme"
  28. "To Walk Amongst Gods"
  29. "Bahamut Shudders"
  30. "Struggle for Freedom"
  31. "Kiss Me Good-Bye - featured in Final Fantasy XII"

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