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With skills to restore magick power, this is among the most potent job to which a hume can aspire.
TA2 Hume-Devout

Artwork for Seer.

Seer is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift that can learn both White and Black Magick abilities through books. A Seer possesses an astonishing MP pool and sports the highest resistance of any class (with an unfortunately poor magick stat). They can use High Magick abilities that have been previously learned in another skillset, such as if a unit has learned Cura to unlock the job, it will already be present in the Seer's skillset.

Magick Frenzy is a unique skill that follows up a spell with a physical attack. Like the Red Mage's Doublecast, Magick Frenzy can be used with spells from other jobs, the most potent combination being Illusion skills, which allow the Seer to attack every unit twice, and even three times if Dual Wield is their passive ability, although Seers cannot take advantage of this directly since books cannot be dual-wielded. With Replenish MP and Recharge, Seers have good MP recovery, and rarely require the support of items or MP-restoring units.

Seers are best equipped with Illusion A-ability so that they can cast Magick Frenzy that hits all enemies magickally and physically that serves well with the Geomancy or Attack↑ or Doublehand as supportives. As healers, they are good coupled with their Magick Frenzy, for simply equipping the Healing Staff and casting Cura, or any other elemental attack the ailing unit absorbs, creates a potent recovery option.

Using Magick Frenzy with a curative spell will heal the player's units and harm them at the same time (unless the player uses an elemental attack a unit absorbs), and the same can be said for Recharge, unless the player's weapon deals damage of an element they absorb, or the Seer is equipped with a Healing Staff. It will also harm the undead. Geomancy proves effective as it boosts the Trifecta spells and Cura (Holy affinity). Halve MP is not recommended due to Recharge resulting in redundancy, the player may opt for the Parivir's Strike Back instead.

The High Magick skillset can still be used even if the player hasn't unlocked the Seer allowing one to quickly work one's way through both the Black and White Mage skillsets, and have all but two Seer abilities set as the secondary A-ability skillset as the player levels elsewhere.

This class is obtained after rescuing Roye.


  • To Unlock: Complete The Cat's Meow
  • To Use: Master 4 White Mage A-Abilities


Weapons Head Body Equip Shields?
Books Hats Robes, Light Armor No

Move Jump Evasion Unarmed
Attack Raise
HP MP Atk Def Mgk Res Spd
3 2 0 10 D B F E D A 50%


High MagickEdit

The magicks of the SEER can decimate foes and mend wounded allies.

Skill Source Equipment Effect Range AP To Master MP Use
Recharge Tome of Ending Restore 24 MP (Accounting for cost, effectively 20). Self 350 4
Magick Frenzy Edaroya Scriptures Allows user to use a spell then follow up with a regular attack. Does not work with Raise, Arise, or any Blue Magick (except Quake). Depends on spell used 550 Depends on spell used
Cura Battle Folio Heals HP; Also damages Undead monsters. 4 200 14
Esuna Urutan Annals Cures most status ailments. 4 200 12
Raise Veil of Wiyu Revives a KO'd ally; Also damages Undead monsters. 4 200 10
Fira Mage Manual Deals strong fire damage. 4 250 14
Thundara Enavia Chronicles Deals strong lightning damage. 4 250 14
Blizzara The Arnath Glyphs Deals strong ice damage. 4 250 14


Skill Source Equipment Effect AP To Master
Replenish MP Black Robe Regain 20% of damage taken as MP. 350


Skill Source Equipment Effect AP To Master
Pierce Red Robe Spells ignore Reflect. 200
Ribbon-Bearer Orb of Minwu Wear Ribbons regardless of current job. 300


  • Seers are essentially better White Mages in terms of stats. They have lower magick than Black Mages and Illusionists in lieu of survivability. Their high MP growth isn't seen so much as a blessing since it starts at 0. They are most reliable for their Recharge magick. Either using the target affinity in either elemental absorption or weakness serves them better as a Battlemage, but they, just like most mages, are slow, so some care is needed when placing these units. The Seer is best as a magic sponge with their high resistance, as most spells will do minor damage. Players may consider the Paladin's cover for protecting melee units form spell harm.
  • Mastering the Seer job is significantly easier than other jobs because it adapts 60% of their High Magick (total 1350 AP) by learning them from the basic job, White Mage and Black Mage. The other 40% is High Magick exclusive (Recharge and Magick Frenzy; 900 total AP).



A seer may refer to a clairvoyant, prophet, oracle, or diviner.


  • According to Roye, the Seer's powers come from their cat-like robe.