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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Enemy
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Ffccrof seedspitter
Location Abyssus Forest (Story Mode and Multiplay)
Item Dropped Normal Mode

Hard Mode
450 Gil, Blue Fay Dust, Blue Orb, Blue Stone, Carniflower Fluid, Curious Petal, Ice Marble Scroll, Knight Lt. Armor Scroll, Petite Amethyst, Petite Citrine, Petite Sapphire, Red Fay Dust, Red Orb, Red Stone, Refined Citrine Scroll, Refined Copper Scroll, Refined Mythril Scroll, Smooth Cloth Scroll, Supple Leather Scroll, Thunder Marble Scroll, Yellow Fay Dust, Yellow Orb, Yellow Stone
Lift No
Sturdiness Easy to knock over
Rage Time 7s
Element Green
Story Mode
Play First Second Third
HP 260 1,386 2,486
ATK 62 254 470
DEF 53 186 333
MAG 56 148 248
LUCK 4 4 4
EXP 75 576 1,152
Mode Normal Hard Very Hard
HP 520 2,772 4,972
ATK 62 254 470
DEF 58 205 366
MAG 61 162 273
LUCK 4 4 4
EXP 75 576 1,152
Elemental affinities
RoF Fire Icon RoF Ice Icon RoF Thunder Icon
-5 0 0
RoF Stun Icon RoF Time-Space Icon RoF Dark Icon
3 3 0

The Seedspitter is an enemy from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. The Seedspitter is more of a nuisance than a threat, as they will constantly cast either Gravity or Slow, which will inflict damage as well as the Gravity and Slow statuses, respectively, or will attempt to attack by spitting a seed at the player. They are not difficult to defeat as their spells can be interrupted easily, and have little in the ways of HP compared to other enemies such as the Lizardman.

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