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Sector 5 slums.

Sector 5 (伍番街, Goban-gai?) is a location in Final Fantasy VII. Located in lower Midgar, it is under the Shinra Electric Power Company's control. Like every sector of the metropolis, it is composed of both Slums and Plate sections, though no media depicts the Plate.

The Sector 5 slums are Aerith Gainsborough's adopted hometown, where she spends most of her life under the care of her adoptive mother, Elmyra Gainsborough. During this time, she avoids capture from the Turks, as Shinra is seeking her for her Ancient heritage. Aerith spends most of her time at the Sector 5 Church and her ability to grow flowers in the metropolis's inhospitable climate becomes an inspiration for the local citizens.

See also: Sector 5 Reactor and Sector 5 Church


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Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

In Episode 11 the Player Turk protects Aerith from kidnapping from the terrorist group AVALANCHE, in what they call "Operation Laura". The AVALANCHE commanders, Shears and Fuhito, are caught by surprise by the Turk's appearance, since none of their intelligence stated a Turk had been dispatched.

The Player Turk stumbles upon the AVALANCHE attack by accident and Shears defeats the Turk, capturing the player and Aerith. Aerith is brought to the AVALANCHE leader, Elfé, and is told to reveal the location of the Promised Land, so it wouldn't end up in Shinra hands. The Turk breaks in and fights the AVALANCHE leaders, but seems beaten. He or she is saved when Elfé collapses, forcing AVALANCHE to retreat.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

Crisis core Slum Market

The Slum Market.

Zack Fair falls through the Upper Plate after being defeated by Angeal Hewley up in the Sector 5 Reactor. He falls the 150 meter drop down into the slums, but the church flowers save his life by softening the landing. He thanks Aerith by giving the compensation of one date. While Zack and Aerith are out, a boy steals his wallet in the marketplace.

After wandering around asking the less than helpful citizens for help, Zack finally gets it back; the boy's wallet had been eaten by a group of monsters in the Sector 6 park, so Zack defeats them and gets the boy his money back. Aerith and Zack go to the playground where they discuss SOLDIER members' supernatural abilities. Their date is cut short when Zack receives a call from his superior, Sephiroth, telling him to return to the Headquarters. Afterward, Zack can travel to Sector 5 slums whenever he wishes by boarding a train from Sector 8.

Later on, Zack builds Aerith a flower cart and helps her sell flowers at the park, although this does not go well.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Aeriths house outside

Aeris's House.

Five years later, after Zack has disappeared from Aeris's life, Cloud Strife falls into the church through the roof. Aeris offers Cloud to be her bodyguard in exchange for a date, just like Zack offered her many years ago. He helps Aeris escape from the Turk Reno and back to her adopted mother's house. Cloud spends the night at the house, but leaves in secret at Elmyra's urging. He tries to sneak away, but Aeris follows.

Later on, after Sector 7's destruction, Cloud, along with Barret Wallace and Tifa Lockhart, use Aeris's house as a temporary base to plan their next move, and Elmyra recites the story of Aeris's childhood. Barret's daughter, Marlene, is kept in the house for a time, until she is later moved to Kalm by Reeve.

The town is largely destroyed along with the rest of Midgar by the fall of Meteor.


Final Fantasy VIIEdit

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Outside ReactorEdit

[the walkway outside the reactor where Air Buster is fought]

No. 5 ReactorEdit
Main article: Sector 5 Reactor



From Midgar Highway. To World Map.

Church EntranceEdit
Main article: Sector 5 Church

From church, once.

Earthen PipeEdit
Weapon StoreEdit
Item StoreEdit
Materia StoreEdit
Aeris's HouseEdit
Aeris's GardenEdit


Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Hidden MoneyEdit

Sector 5 residence2

Upstairs of a residence.

In one of the houses, there is a boy sleeping upstairs. If the player looks into the drawers they can find 5 gil in a hidden compartment. If the player takes the money they will later find the boy crying over having lost his savings. If the player leaves the money, the boy will give out a Turbo Ether later on. The boy's room also has one of the Turtle's Paradise flyers on the wall.

Returning in Discs 2 and 3Edit

Sector 5 can be revisited on discs 2 and 3 after finding the Key to Sector 5 in Bone Village. The player can still find Turtle's Paradise Flyer #1 inside of a residence in Sector 5 in case it was missed, and sleep for free in Aeris's house. The man in the pipe Cloud and Aeris could find the first time visiting the area is no longer there, and nearby NPCs say he has departed while talking of the Reunion.

Items FoundEdit

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

FFV World Map Sprite
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Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Item ShopEdit

Name Cost
Potion 50 gil
Phoenix Down 300 gil
Antidote 80 gil
Tent 500 gil

Weapon ShopEdit

Name Cost
Titan Bangle 280 gil
Grenade 80 gil

Materia ShopEdit

Name Cost
Fire 600 gil
Ice 600 gil
Lightning 600 gil
Restore 750 gil

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- shops can only be visited from the menu. Sector 5 Materia Shop is available after completing Mission 6-2-3.

Name Cost
Strength Up 1,000 gil
Vitality Up 1,000 gil
Magic Up 1,000 gil
Spirit Up 1,000 gil
Poison 1,000 gil
Silence 1,000 gil

Enemy FormationsEdit

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Sector 5 Slums - Street (1st and 2nd Screen)Edit

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

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Musical ThemesEdit

"Flowers Blooming in the Church"
FFVII - Flowers Blooming in the Church
Trouble with the audio sample?

In Final Fantasy VII "Flowers Blooming in the Church" (教会に咲く花, Kyōkai ni Saku Hana?) plays in Aeris's church, Aeris's house and the areas nearby to the two areas. "Under the Rotting Pizza" (腐ったピザの下で, Kusatta Piza no Shita de?) plays inside the Sector 5 slums.

In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- the theme of the slums is "Where Light Does Not Reach". "A Flower Blooming in the Slums (from FFVII "Aerith's Theme")" plays in scenes involving Aerith.



  • Various Japanese text can be seen around the backgrounds on Sector 5 in Final Fantasy VII. The pipe with the man inside reads "Safety First". In the screen before the church there is a graffiti on a piece of metal that reads "We Gods". The big red graffiti on the wall leading to Sector 6 reads "Yamato" (大和), an old name of Japan.

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