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FFLII Second Town

Second Town in First World.

Second Town is a location in Final Fantasy Legend II.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

The party comes across this town on their way to Ashura's Base. The citizen mention that Pillar of Sky leads to Ashura's World, but his base blocks access to the Pillar of Sky.

Spoilers end here.



Name Cost
FFLII Potion IconCurse 300 GP
FFLII Potion IconX-Cure 300 GP
FFLII Potion IconEyeDrop 200 GP
FFLII Potion IconSoft 1,000 GP
FFLII Potion IconCure 50 GP
FFLII Staff IconHeal 17,000 GP
FFLII Book IconCure 6,800 GP
Elixier 5,000 GP


Name Cost
FFLII Book IconIce 6,800 GP
Temptat 6,800 GP
FFLII Gun IconSMG 6,800 GP
FFLII Book IconThunder 6,800 GP
FFLII Book IconFog 6,800 GP
Rocket 6,800 GP
FFLII Book IconSleep 6,800 GP
FFLII Book IconPrayer 6,800 GP

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