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"Searching for Friends"
FFVI - Searching for Friends
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And we'll be able to look for the rest of our friends...

"Searching for Friends" (仲間を求めて, Nakama o Motomete?) is a theme from Final Fantasy VI. It was composed by Nobuo Uematsu.

Game appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy VIEdit

"Searching for Friends" is the world map background theme for the World of Ruin after the Falcon is found at Darill's Tomb. It also plays while flying the skies with the Falcon.

It was included in the Final Fantasy VI: Original Sound Version and Kefka's Domain albums as the seventh track of the third disc.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

"Searching for Friends" is a battle background music available for purchase in the PP Catalog. After being purchased, it may be automatically selected for battles including Terra Branford and/or Kefka, or taking place at Kefka's Tower or the Phantom Train.

Theatrhythm Final FantasyEdit

After collecting 20,000 Rhythmia, "Searching for Friends" is unlocked as an Encore Song in Challenge Mode. It is a Field Music Sequence with the World of Ruin as the stage, featuring Narshe, Figaro, and the Falcon in the background.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallEdit

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Chocobo to Mahou no Ehon: Majo to Shoujo to Go-nin no YuushaEdit

An arrangement of "Searching for Friends" appears in the latest installment of the Final Fantasy Fables subseries. It is the sixteenth track of its soundtrack.

Arrangement Album appearancesEdit

Guitar Solo Final Fantasy Official Best CollectionEdit

"Searching for Friends" is the eleventh track on the Guitar Solo Final Fantasy Official Best Collection album, which consists entirely of solo classical guitar arrangements of tracks from the Final Fantasy main series, performed by Yuji Sekiguchi.

Piano Opera Final Fantasy IV/V/VIEdit

"Searching for Friends" is included in this piano arrangement album as its fifth track. It was arranged by Hiroyuki Nakayama.

Final Fantasy Tribute ~Thanks~Edit

An arrangement of "Searching for Friends" by japanese band So many tears is included on this tribute album to Final Fantasy music as the eleventh track of its first disc.

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