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Sea Worm is an enemy from Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.


Battle Edit

This enemy will appear in a group of six, and occasionally try to Stun Zack with its web-like spit, so make sure that Zack is protected against Stun. Eradicate these enemies easily by getting in between the worms, then strike them with Assault Twister+ or other wide-area attacks. The Sea Worm makes a useful enemy for making large amounts of SP quickly.

Equip Zack with Quake, Flare or some other spell that hits over a large area, and use it to kill the worms in one hit and three or more at a time. As long as Zack isn't damaged - which is easy as using magic will let the player stay away from the worms - the player will earn and maintain a x9 multiplier for their SP, resulting in them earning over 450 SP for every worm they kill. The player can also equip Mog's Amulet to stock up on MAG Mako Stones.

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