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Final Fantasy III Enemy
うみのまじょ (Umi no Majo)
Level HP
44 550
2,400 800
Elemental Affinities
Fire Cold Thunder
- - Weak
Wind Light Dark Swords
- - -
Location Undersea Cave
Steal Potion
Item Dropped None
Abilities None
Other Information None
Sea Witch
うみのまじょ (Umi no Majo)
Sea witch
#115#116 #117
Level HP
31 1,660
Attack Defense
58 24
4,800 800
Elemental Affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
- - Weak -
Wind Light Dark Blades
- - -
Location Sunken Cave
Steal Hi-Potion, Arctic Wind, Turtle Shell
Common Drop Hi-Potion, Arctic Wind
Uncommon Drop Turtle Shell, Black Hole
Rare Drop Raven's Yawn
Abilities Blizzara
Other Information None

The Sea Witch, also known as the SeaWitch, is an enemy in Final Fantasy III. At the time they are fought they are of no threat to the party, and can be dealt with physical attacks or Thundara.

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