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Final Fantasy III Enemy
シードラゴン (Shiidoragon)
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Level HP
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Elemental Affinities
Fire Cold Thunder
- - -
Wind Light Dark Swords
- - -
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Sea Dragon
シードラゴン (Shiidoragon)
Sea Dragon
#111#112 #113
Level HP
27 2,550
Attack Defense
57 24
4,680 1,120
Elemental Affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
- - Weak -
Wind Light Dark Blades
- - -
Location Sea on the Surface World
Steal Hi-Potion
Common Drop Hi-Potion
Uncommon Drop Hi-Potion
Rare Drop Phoenix Down
Abilities Blizzara
Other Information To find it, do not go to Saronia immediately, keep the Enterprise!

The Sea Dragon is an enemy in Final Fantasy III, exclusive to the DS remake that can be easy to miss as it is only found in the seas of the Surface World. It is a slightly difficult enemy to defeat when it is encountered, but can still be easily defeated by using Lightning elemental weapons or the Thundara spell.

The Sea Dragon can be found anywhere on the Surface World waters after restoring the Water Crystal. It cannot be encountered after going to Saronia.

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