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The Scions of the Seventh Dawn is a group of the Archons and the Path of the Twelve in Final Fantasy XIV. Minfilia is the leader of the group. The Waking Sands, their initial headquarters is located in Vesper Bay, Western Thanalan.


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The Scions were formed a merger of the remaining Circle of Knowing and Path of the Twelve members in the aftermath of the Calamity. As Eorzea struggled to rebuild in the Seventh Umbral Era, the Scions kept watch over the activities of the beast-tribes and Garlean Empire, as well as the enigmatic Ascians. Though the adventurer first meets members of the Scions in their starting nation's scenario, they aren't fully introduced until Thancred invites them to become a member, due to their proficiency in using the Echo. They are directed to the Waking Sands with the password wild rose. As part of the Scions, the adventurer keeps tabs on the beast-tribes and the masked Ascians, eventually slaying Ifrit and Titan.

When the adventurer returned triumphant after defeating Titan, however, what greets him/her is a scene of carnage with the Scions missing and the dying sylph relaying Minfilia's last words. Through the Echo, it is revealed Garlean Tribunus Livia Sas Junius raided the Waking Sands in order to capture Minfilia and the other Scions, killing everyone else. Though publicly believed to be disbanded, Alphinaud eventually tracks down both the adventurer and an amnesiac Cid nan Garlond to revive the Scions and confront the awakened Garuda. Their victory over the Lady of Vortex was shortlived, as Legatus Gaius Van Baelsar revealed his trump card: the Ultima Weapon, which effortlessly absorbed the Primals. As Gaius issued his ultimatum to the city-states and beast tribes of Eorzea, the adventurer regroups with the remaining Scions to rescue Minfilia and the others from Castrum Centri. As they narrowly escaped from the Ultima Weapon, it was revealed the Ascian overlord Lahabrea had possessed Thancred and was working with the Black Wolf.

Now fully restored, the Scions convince the leaders of Eorzea to unite against the Legatus and his ultimate weapon. Through Operation Archon, the combined military might cut off the Legatus' supports, enabling the adventurer to confront the Legatus and his weapon. Once the Ultima Weapon was destroyed, the adventurer is confronted Lahabrea, and - using the Crystals of Light - expelled him from Thancred's body. With the threat of Gaius van Baelsar gone, the Scions turned their attentions back to the Primals.

Due to increasing pressure from the Syndicate, the Scions eventually decide to relocate from the Waking Sands to the Rising Stones in Revenant's Toll, Mor Dhona, which is outside any city-state's jurisdiction. Later, Alphinaud Levelleur founds a Grand Company called the Crystal Braves, as he feels the Scions needed its own military to cover the gaps between the other Grand Companies of Eorzea.





[view  · edit  · purge]"Scion" is an uncommon English word that means "descendant or heir to a family" and "guardian."


  • The scenario writer Kazutoyo Maehiro has confirmed that there will be a new Roegadyn member added to the group and he or she will play a large role in the future story.[1] That character was introduced in Patch 2.4.


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