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During the Crystal War, these military tacticians often served as high-ranking officers in allied forces across Vana'diel. Extensive knowledge of ancient martial theory granted Scholars the ability to wield dual schools of magic, between which they would alternate depending on the situation at hand.
—Official Description

Scholar is a job introduced to Final Fantasy XI in the expansion Wings of the Goddess. Scholars, like Red Mages, can cast some White Magic, and some Black Magic. Scholars use the Grimoire when they go into battle to grant them access to additional spells. Scholars also enjoy having the exclusive ability to alter the weather around a player, giving them and their allies an advantage through their storm spells. Helix spells are another school of spells exclusive to the Scholar. Helix spells are generally damage over time spells, with effectiveness varying according to the weather and elemental staves equipped.

Becoming a ScholarEdit

The quest to become a Scholar is undertaken at the Eldieme Necropolis during the Crystal War. The player must speak with Erline to begin the quest "A Little Knowledge." While signing up, they will asked to retrieve sheets of vellum paper. Upon returning with the fresh paper, they will be tasked with empowering their own Grimoire. Players must use the two-hour abilities Manafont, Chainspell, Astral Flow, or Azure Lore as part of a one-time activation. With their Grimoire, the player now has Scholar unlocked.

Job AbilitiesEdit

Level Name
1 Tabula Rasa
10 Light Arts
Dark Arts
35 Sublimation
65 Modus Veritas
75 Merit Enlightenment
76 Libra
8796 Caper Emissarius

Job TraitsEdit

Level Name
10 Resist Silence
20 Clear Mind
25 Conserve MP
30 Max MP Boost
35 Clear Mind II
40 Resist Silence II
50 Clear Mind III
65 Clear Mind IV
70 Resist Silence III
75 Merit Stormsurge
78 Occult Acumen
79 Magic Burst Bonus


Displays Grimoire abilities available when using Light Arts or Dark Arts.

  • The abilities available within Stratagems correspond to the type of Arts the scholar currently has activated.
  • No abilities will be displayed if neither Light Arts nor Dark Arts has been selected.
  • Stratagems do not have a recast time.
    • However, the use of these abilities is restricted by the number of "charges" available, with each ability consuming one charge per use.
    • When using the "/recast" text command, it is necessary to nominate a specific Stratagem to which the scholar currently has access, such as "/recast Celerity". This command will display the amount of time remaining until a new charge is generated, as well as the current number of charges available.
  • The number of charges available depends on the level of the scholar.
    • When set as main job, a scholar has one charge available at level 10, two at level 30, three at level 50, four at level 70, and a maximum of five at level 90.
    • When set as support job, a scholar has a maximum of two charges available.
  • Each charge takes 4/n minute(s) to recharge, where n is the number of charges available. So:
    • 4 minutes from 10-29
    • 2 minutes from 30-49
    • 1 minute and 20 seconds from 50-69
    • 1 minute from 70-89
    • 48 seconds at level 90
  • When the Stratagems Addendum: White or Addendum: Black are active, the Scholar gains access to additional white or dark magic spells respectively.
  • Spells cast that are incompatible with an activated Strategem will have their normal effect. Active strategems will remain available for up to one minute or until a spell compatible with them is used; Exceptions are the Addendums, which modify ones current arts effect and remain active as long as that Arts effect is active.
Level White Grimoire
10 Penury
Addendum: White
25 Celerity
40 Accession
55 Rapture
87 Perpetuance
Level Black Grimoire
10 Parsimony
25 Alacrity
30 Addendum: Black
40 Manifestation
55 Ebullience
87 Immanence

Spell listEdit

Level Spell
4 Stone
5 Cure
8 Water
10 Poisona
12 Aero
13 Aquaveil
15 Deodorize
16 Fire
17 Blindna
Cure II
18 Regen
20 Blizzard
21 Drain
22 Silena
24 Thunder
25 Invisible
29 Blink
30 Blaze Spikes
Cure III
Protect II
Stone II
Level Spell
32 Cursna
34 Water II
35 Raise
36 Aspir
37 Regen II
38 Aero II
39 Erase
40 Shell II
41 Sandstorm
42 Fire II
43 Rainstorm
44 Stoneskin
45 Windstorm
46 Blizzard II
47 Firestorm
49 Hailstorm
50 Ice Spikes
Protect III
51 Thunder II
53 Voidstorm
Level Spell
54 Stone III
55 Aurorastorm
Cure IV
57 Water III
60 Aero III
Shell III
61 Geohelix
63 Hydrohelix
Fire III
65 Anemohelix
Sleep II
66 Blizzard III
Protect IV
67 Pyrohelix
69 Cryohelix
Thunder III
70 Raise II
Reraise II
Shock Spikes
Stone IV
71 Ionohelix
Water IV
Shell IV
72 Aero IV
73 Fire IV
Level Spell
74 Blizzard IV
75 Luminohelix
Thunder IV
79 Stone V
80 Protect V
83 Regen III
Water V
85 Animus Augeo
Animus Minuo
87 Aero V
88 Adloquium
90 Break
Shell V
- Available while under the effects of Addendum: White or Enlightenment.
- Available while under the effects of Addendum: Black or Enlightenment.

Skill RatingEdit

Combat Skill Rank Caps by Level
1 37 45 75 90
Club C+ 5 105 128 230 315
Staff C+ 5 105 128 230 315
Dagger D 4 101 122 210 280
Throwing D 4 101 122 210 280
Evasion E 4 94 114 200 255
Parry E 4 94 114 200 255
Magic Skill Rank Caps by Level
1 37 45 75 90
Dark D 4 101 122 210 280
Divine D 4 101 122 210 280
Elemental D 4 101 122 210 280
Enfeebling D 4 101 122 210 280
Enhancing D 4 101 122 210 280
Healing D 4 101 122 210 280
Light Arts Magic Skill Rank Caps by Level
1 37 45 75 90
Dark D 4 101 122 210 280
Divine B+ 5 109 132 256 341
Elemental D 4 101 122 210 280
Enfeebling B+ 5 109 132 256 341
Enhancing B+ 5 109 132 256 341
Healing B+ 5 109 132 256 341
Dark Arts Magic Skill Rank Caps by Level
1 37 45 75 90
Dark B+ 5 109 132 256 341
Divine D 4 101 122 210 280
Elemental B+ 5 109 132 256 341
Enfeebling B+ 5 109 132 256 341
Enhancing D 4 101 122 210 280
Healing D 4 101 122 210 280



  • Tremendous versatility, able to switch between healing and offensive magic on the fly.
  • Grimoire allows use of Stratagems, which can enhance spells in various ways.
  • Storm spells can simulate weather bonuses for party members.
  • Exclusive access to Helices, which inflict heavy elemental damage over time.
  • At high levels, they can cast Adloquium to increase TP for party members, and use animus spells to adjust party members' enmity gain rates.


  • Low defenses and combat skills, meaning the Scholar won't survive long in close range combat.
  • The Scholar does not have a native Magic Attack Bonus trait, and must rely on a support job for it.

Support JobsEdit

White MageEdit

This support job enables the Scholar to take on a supporting role. It provides use of barspells, teleportation magic, and haste, and allows them to use Divine Seal.

Black MageEdit

This support job enables the Scholar to take on a more offensive role. However, its effectiveness is somewhat diminished as many of the benefits are also covered by Red Mage. That being said, this support job provides increased INT and enables use of Warp, Escape, and Stun spells in the event of a problem, and enables use of Elemental Seal.

Red MageEdit

The most popular choice of support jobs for Scholar, the Red Mage compliments the Scholar's versatility by filling in many of the gaps in the Scholar's spellbook. This enables some special party capabilities as the Scholar can use Accession to apply Phalanx and Enspells on the entire party. It also enables use Gravity, Convert, and Refresh, though it should be noted that Refresh and Sublimation cannot be used together on the player. Further, it provides Fast Cast, along with up to two tiers of Magic Attack Boost and Magic Defense Boost traits.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Scholar appears on cards.