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Scavenge is a Ranger ability in Final Fantasy XI.

  • Searches the ground around user for items.
  • Obtained: Ranger Level 10
  • Recast Time: 5:00
  • Duration: Instant
  • Items found are generally related to the synthesis of ranged weapons and ammunition.
  • This ability usually fails to find an item.
  • Success rate may depend on the user's current level and the average level of monsters in the area, and current actions being performed on or by you, such as combat, standing still, and so on.
  • Hunter's Socks enhance Scavenge effect, presumably increasing the success rate.
  • Different areas have different items available to find.
    • Different areas also have different success rates, with city success rates being lower than 2%.

Item listEdit

  • Acid Bolt Heads
  • Armored Arrowheads
  • Arrowwood Lumber
  • Ash Lumber
  • Bird Fletchings
  • Black Chocobo Fletchings
  • Blind Bolt Heads
  • Bone Arrowheads
  • Bronze Bolt Heads
  • Chocobo Fletchings
  • Darksteel Bolt Heads
  • Demon Arrowheads
  • Fang Arrowheads
  • Firesand
  • Holy Bolt Heads
  • Horn Arrowheads
  • Insect Fletchings
  • Mythril Bolt Heads
  • Old Bolt Box
  • Old Bullet Box
  • Old Earring
  • Old Quiver
  • Rotten Quiver
  • Rusty Bolt Case
  • Scorpion Arrowheads
  • Silver Arrowheads
  • Stone Arrowheads
  • Venom Bolt Heads
  • Yagudo Fletchings