Type-0RotIB Sayo (サヨ, Sayo?) is a character from Final Fantasy Type-0 Side Story: The Reaper of the Icy Blade. She is an Agito Cadet from Class Third, and the love interest of Guren from the same class.



Sayo is a teenage girl with blonde long hair. As a member of Class Third, she wears a purple mantle.



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FFT0 Gaiden Sayo Guren

Sayo and Guren during the test of courage.

One day, Class Third has a test of courage at a cave in Rubrum territory. Guren and Sayo are paired up together in the event. A couple of mysterious Concordian outlaws turn Sayo into a mutant with their prototype biochemical weapon and wipe out the rest of the class except for five survivors: Kurasame, Miwa, Guren, Kotetsu, and Oruto. The survivors have no other choice but to attack Sayo and defeat the Concordians.

Guren holds Sayo in his arms and try to call her back but it's too late. Sayo dies in his arms before the Vermilion Bird Crystal erases their memories of Sayo. Guren forgets who she was and just throws her mutated body away since she looks disgusting.

Extra Chapter: "If Only..."Edit

FFT0 Gaiden Guren Sayo Ending

Guren and Sayo in the alternate ending.

Similar to the "What If..." scenario in Final Fantasy Type-0, the extra chapter is a parallel timeline where there is no war. The Akademeia is holding a school festival where the students from other schools including the Militesi Academy are coming to enjoy the event. All the characters are not dead in this timeline. Guren is caught abandoning his committee duty to buy some snacks from Sayo's shop. Guren and Sayo are later paired up together on the dance floor.

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