Satan is an unseen character from Final Fantasy II. While his existence is not referred in the game, he is present in the novelization Final Fantasy II Muma no Meikyū.


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Satan is the Lord of Pandaemonium. His lieutenants include Beelzebub and Astaroth (who is referred to as a male fallen angel, unlike his GBA and PSP appearance). Emperor Mateus strikes a deal with him to summon hellish creatures into the mortal realm.

When the Emperor is defeated by Firion and his friends, they find the Stone of Iludia containing Satan's soul and destroy it sending Satan back to hell to where he (presumably, considering the novel doesn't mention the Emperor's return) takes the form of The Emperor of Hell and attempts to take over the world a second time, this time in person, while Mateus's soul enters Arubboth and becomes The Emperor of Arubboth.
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Satan comes from a Hebrew ha-Satan which means "the accuser." It is the name of the Devil in Abrahamic religions. Satan is also one of the seven princes of Hell in Christian Demonology. He is attributed the deadly sin of Wrath.


  • In the English NES prototype for Final Fantasy II, Beelzebub is referred to as Satan. Beelzebub is a name often used by Satan in later editions of the New Testament.