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This is my partner, Angelo. Angelo is really smart!
—Rinoa Heartilly

Angelo (アンジェロ, Anjero?), full name Sant' Angelo di Roma, is Rinoa's pet dog in Final Fantasy VIII. Despite the masculine name, Angelo is female. Her design is based on a black-tricolor Australian Shepherd that one of Tetsuya Nomura's co-workers owned during the game's production.[1]

Angelo's profile in Final Fantasy VIII Ultimania reveals her full name and date of birth, as well as how Rinoa came to own her: Rinoa found Angelo at the Timber Pet Shop when she was just a puppy. Without telling her father, Rinoa bought Angelo on impulse. Angelo is two years old, born December 13. Though given the opportunity when meeting Rinoa with the Forest Owls, the player may change Angelo's name with the Pet's Nametag item.


Limit Break: CombineEdit


Rinoa and Angelo.

Main article: Combine (Final Fantasy VIII)

Although Angelo appears in particular scenes as an NPC, she functions primarily as Rinoa's first Limit Break. When Rinoa's Limit activates, the player may select "Combine" to summon Angelo into battle. Angelo rushes to the battlefield, performs one from her pool of four aggressive tricks, then flees. The trick performed is dependent upon the party's current Crisis Level.

Conversely, any of Angelo's four passive tricks may activate during battle without character input: one as a counterattack against an enemy that has inflicted direct damage to Rinoa; two as recovery countermeasures of any party member in HP Critical or KO status if Rinoa is present; and, one to search the battlefield for random items. The chance of the three tricks other than Angelo Rush occurring depends upon the unseen "Dead Time" variable, in conjunction with whether the player has yet acquired the Gilgamesh Guardian Force.

Despite Angelo's capacity to learn eight tricks, Rinoa has initially taught her only one of each type: Angelo Rush and Angelo Cannon. To gain access to the remainder, the player must obtain six issues of Pet Pals magazine.

Angelo is left on the planet's surface with Zell before Rinoa and company are blasted into orbit. The commandeering of the Ragnarok from its Propagator threat thus marks the only point in the game that Rinoa cannot Combine with Angelo.

Pet Pals MagazineEdit

Main article: Pet Pals

Pet Pals is a dog magazine that informs Rinoa of new tricks to teach Angelo. Once the magazine has been read from the Item inventory, that issue's trick will be listed in Rinoa's Status screen and the player may select from the list of tricks for Angelo to learn by having Rinoa in the active party and walking on the field. A distinct chime indicates a trick's mastery.

Triple TriadEdit

Despite not being a Guardian Force, Angelo's Card has been categorized as a level 8 GF Card.

TTAngelo Element None
Refine 1 refines into 100 Elixirs
Drop N/A
Card N/A
Level 8 (GF Card) Win Watts on the Forest Owls train or White SeeD ship.
Jack of CC group in disc 4.

Other AppearancesEdit

Pocket Station Memorycard IconsEdit


An icon sprite of Angelo appears in the Pocket Station memorycard file manager.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

Angelo's Combine moves appear in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade. The Pet Pals magazines also appear.

Final Fantasy All the BravestEdit

FFATB - Angelo

Rinoa's attack is Angelo Cannon in Final Fantasy All the Bravest. Rinoa launches Angelo off her wrist and into the enemy when performing her attack.



An action figure of Angelo, manufactured by Bandai, was included in the Collectable Box Set of Final Fantasy VIII "Extra Soldiers" action figures released in 1999. It was never sold separately.



Angelo's full name, Sant' Angelo di Roma, means 'Saint Angel of Rome' in Italian. [view  · edit  · purge]Angelo comes from the Latin word angelus meaning "angel". Angels are a recurring motif in Rinoa's design (eg. the wing pattern on her duster, the Shooting Star blaster edge, her second Limit Break Angel Wing). Names ending in -o carry masculine connotation in Romance languages and the feminine equivalent would be Angela. However, Japanese is not a language of Latin origin, so no such trend exists in its lexicon.

In the German and French localizations, she is called Angel.


  • During the camcorder footage of the ball in the credit roll, Angelo roams about the cafeteria.
  • Angelo shares some similarities with Interceptor of Final Fantasy VI. Like Angelo, Interceptor often appears in battle when his owner Shadow is in the party. When anyone in the party is attacked there is a small chance he will counter with a tackle attack.


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