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The Sand Rat's Sietch, also known as Sand Rat's Cellar, is a location in Final Fantasy Tactics. Part of the Zeklaus Desert, it is where Marquis Elmdore was held after being captured by Corpse Brigade Captain Gustav Margriff.

Wiegraf Folles killed Gustav upon learning of his actions, and when Ramza Beoulve, Argath Thadalfus, and Delita Heiral stormed the cellar, Wiegraf traded Elmdore for his own escape. Argath attempted to pursue the fleeing Wiegraf, but Delita stopped him, stating that the Corpse Brigade would destroy itself.


A sietch from the novel Dune is a cave warren inhabited by a Fremen tribal community; its meaning in the Fremen language is "place of assembly in time of danger."

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