Samba is a category of abilities in Final Fantasy XI for Dancers. Sambas are Support abilities, restoring Hit points or Mana points to anyone in your party. They do not use MP, but instead use TP. Second, they are not spells and do not draw magic-based aggression from creatures like elementals and also, thus, cannot be silenced, but may be affected by Amnesia. Also, since it is an ability, Haste has no effect on its recast time. Recast for all Sambas is 60 seconds.

Drain Samba Edit

Available first, at level 5, your weapons receive a drain daze effect that transfers to an enemy when hit. It allows anyone in your party to drain a small amount of HP from the enemy. It costs 10 TP to use and has a 60 second recast.

Drain Samba II Edit

Drain Samba II is learned at level 35. It costs 30 TP to cast and has the same effect at Drain Samba, but you get more HP per hit.

Drain Samba III Edit

Learned at level 65. Costs 40 TP to use. The HP drained per hit is much greater than Drain Samba I and II.

Aspir Samba Edit

Available at level 25. It costs 15 TP and has a similar effect as Drain Samba, but you drain MP instead of HP.

Aspir Samba II Edit

Learned at level 60. It costs 30 TP to use and inflicts Aspir Daze on your enemy. The MP drained is slightly greater then Aspir Samba.

Haste Samba Edit

Learned at level 45. It costs 35 TP to use and inflicts Haste Daze on your enemy. Every time you hit the enemy you receive a short-lived 5% Haste to your melee attack speed. The Haste effect from Haste Samba does not show up on your status bar, so any other Haste-type spells will stack with the effect. Also, the effect does not not effect spell recast time, just attack speed.

Equipment Enhancement Edit

  • Dancer's Tiara - Increases duration of sambas by 30 seconds.


Samba is a Brazilian musical genre and dance style with its roots in Africa via the West African slave trade.

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