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The Sahagin is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII. Sahagin fight in groups and can be found in the Font Namva (in the Archylte Steppe). Sahagin are also fought during several ,issions, most notably mission 14 (which, when completed, lets the player ride chocobos on the Archylte Steppe) and mission 57 (one of the missions in the Cie'th Stone circle, all of which must be completedto unleash the Shaolong Gui and Long Gui). The Sahagin also appears in mission 16, accompanied by Ceratoraptors and Ceratosaurs.


A Water-elemental opponent, Sahagin is weak against Fire and Lightning. Sahagins are fast and inflict Slow. They attack in groups and tend to focus their attack on the same target.


Area-of-effect spells are good, especially of the elements Sahagins are weak to, as they also halt their current action and stop them from ganging up on a character. When first encountered in Chapter 11, Sahagins can be horrifically strong, when they focus their attacks on a single party member, and without a Sentinel, their attacks will take a toll on a party fresh from the Fifth Ark. When returning during Chapter 13, or during post-story, Sahagins are easily dismissed, casually swatted aside with the Relentless Assault paradigm.


Sahuagin (often misspelled or transliterated "sahagin") are fishlike, monstrous humanoids that appear in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.


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