Nu mou Sage.

The arts of the sage are rooted in long years of study.

Sage (セージ, Sēji?) is a job class for the nu mou in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. They primarily use maces to cast damaging spells and status effects. A good spellcaster class since it has a decent array of skills, Sage can equip shields and has a high Move range. A Sage can be particularly useful when combined with Time Magick as the secondary ability, becoming able to place buffs, debuffs, restore ailments and wreak havoc with damaging spells.

Old man Boiboi is a vigorous Sage. Although he is forgetful about where he places his precious Wayfarer's Log, he will reward any generous soul able to rekindle his former youth by giving him said lost item. He says that it reminds him of a certain young lass (much to the displeasure of his wife) and he is revealed to be one of many Prima Donna fans and few that dare trespass for souvenirs concerning them, regardless of punishment from Prima Donna. On a side note; those who manage to salvage seven Wayfarer's Logs, are rewarded a Ribbon.


To use the Sage, the player must master one Beastmaster A-Ability and two White Mage A-Abilities.


Weapons Head Body Equip Shields?
Maces Hats Robes, Light Armor Yes

Move Jump Evasion Unarmed
Attack Raise
Resilience HP MP Atk Def Mgk Res Spd
4 3 0 15 60 C E D E C D 48%



SAGES are proud wizards, quick to distinguish their magicks from those of the Black Mage.

Skill Equipment Range AP MP
Blind Druid Mace 4 150 8
Conjure a black mist to BLIND the target.
Water Battle Mace 3 200 14
Drench units in a small area with a burst of water. Deals Water damage.
Aero Energy Mace 3 200 14
Envelop units in a small area in a fierce whirlwind. Deals Wind damage.
Scathe Morning Star 4 sq. line in front of user 450 32
Unleash a column of concentrated magickal energy in line extending from the caster. Deals heavy damage.
Esunaga Life Crosier 4 300 24
An enhanced version of Esuna. Purges debuffs from all units in a small area.
Gigaflare Lotus Mace 3 300 32
A more powerful version of Flare. Deals heavy damage to units in a small area.
Bio Mandragora 3 300 18
Damage and POISON units in a small area with tendrils of toxic sludge.
Ultima Blow Zeus Mace 1 990 32
Derived from the most powerful of magicks, this is the ultimate sage ability.


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Reflex Ever Robe Avoid all basic attacks. 350


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Defense↑ Black Garb Raises DEFENSE. Decreases the physical damage received. 300
Shieldbearer Round Shield Enables the user to equip shields, regardless of their current job. 150


  • Sages have a 4 Move stat, if any other party members inflicts Addle on the enemies, their Reflex Reaction Ability will make them invulnerable and fairly mobile.
  • Sages are excellent to have if their Attack and Magick stat is boosted when leveled up as Scholar (having A Attack) and Black Mage (having A Magick). Since Sage's HP growth is as high as Beastmasters, their dominance in HP, MP (by Black Mage), Attack, Magick and their high Resilience (tied with Alchemists'), they may be the greatest advanced spellcasting unit for their heavy damaging abilities. Despite of their complete opposite stat growth to Alchemists, Sages may be very excellent to be Alchemists' secondary A-Ability for Alchemist have an additional Item as A-Ability and can easily recharge their MP using Ethers enhanced by Item Lore and casts Sagacity magicks that are mostly high MP-cost.
  • The easy way to fight Sages are to Blind and Silence them. Using Charm is also very useful especially if they attack with Scathe or Gigaflare to their low Resistance allies. Try to avoid using Berserk since they have quite a high Attack growth plus with their mobile 4 Move stat.
  • To easily defeat Sages are to Immobilize them, try not to attack using basic attacks since they may have Reflex. Then, Blind or Silence them in case their MP are restored. Keep using MP damaging abilities like Rasp or Soul Sphere so that they can't use powerful spells and defeat them using heavy damage abilities is very effective.



A sage in classical philosophy is someone who has attained the wisdom which a philosopher seeks.