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Sadda, also known as Sarda, is a sage from the original Final Fantasy. He lives in the Sage's Cave southwest of Melmond. To reach the cave, the Warriors of Light must first pass through the Giant's Cave, which requires retrieving the Ruby from the Cavern of Earth. Once the heroes reach him, Sadda will tell them that the real cause of the earth's rot lies deeper within the Cavern of Earth and will give them the Earth Rod to allow them to go farther down.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearancesEdit

8-Bit TheaterEdit

Sarda appears in 8-Bit Theater (using a modified sprite of Doga from Final Fantasy III) as the character who sends the Light Warriors on the quest for the Orbs, though he is highly antagonistic towards them, and insults and tortures them frequently. He has god-like powers, and later becomes a main antagonist.

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