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Edgar's twin brother, who traded the throne for his own freedom...
—Game description

Sabin René Figaro is a playable character from Final Fantasy VI. He is Edgar Roni Figaro's twin brother and thus an heir to the throne of Figaro Castle. He fled his kingdom in search of a quiet life free of corruption, and lived as a student of the martial arts. His name is Mash in the Japanese version.

During the flashback when he is first seen, his dialogue is credited to Youth.



VI-sabin sd

Sabin is a tall, muscular man with long blond hair tied in a ponytail and blue eyes. He wears white pants and a blue tank top belted with a sash, though several pieces of concept art also depict him shirtless. Some concept art shows him with facial hair, but he is clean shaven in the PlayStation remake's CG cutscenes, as well as in his menu screen portrait across all versions.


Sabin is a brash and straightforward fighter. He is content to leave the tactics and strategy to the others since his greatest strength is physical. In particular, he sees Edgar as the brains of the party and trusts his judgment implicitly. Sabin can get emotional at times and has a strong sense of right and wrong. He has a quick temper and takes rash actions that get him into trouble, but he is a loyal and dedicated friend, encouraging Terra and taking a shine to Gau. Whenever he sees an opportunity to use his strength to help someone he takes it.

He is less cultured and erudite than Edgar; for instance, he is puzzled by all the singing at the opera. Sabin doesn't mind jokes at his expense and will laugh heartily at them himself. He has an unflappable determination and excels at thriving in situations where most people would give up.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Sabin was born to the royal family of Figaro and shared the status of heir to the throne with his twin brother, Edgar. As a child, Sabin was considered the smaller and weaker of the two brothers. When Sabin was seventeen the Gestahlian Empire poisoned his father, whose last request was for his sons to protect the kingdom.

Sabin, upset at the apparent lack of sorrow for his father's death and all the talk of succession, urged Edgar to run away with him. Edgar wanted to go but knew abandoning the kingdom would go against his father's wishes, so he gave his brother his freedom in trade for his own. Edgar proposed a coin toss, picking "heads" for Sabin. The coin he threw had his face on one side, and Sabin's on the other. Sabin left the kingdom, unaware of the trick that had been played on him, and Edgar became the new king. Sabin tells Edgar later he did not want to leave him with so much responsibility, but knew his brother would look out for Figaro the best.

Sabin fled the kingdom, and after some time met the renowned martial arts teacher Duncan Harcourt. Having trained before and wanting to be stronger to protect his brother, Sabin asked Duncan to teach him, and Duncan agreed. He became Duncan's best student, which made Vargas, Duncan's son, jealous, as Vargas thought Sabin was going to be the next master. Sabin knew otherwise, as Vargas was Duncan's only son and heir. After apparently killing Duncan, Vargas fled into Mt. Kolts and Sabin pursued him. Sabin made no attempt to contact Edgar in the ten years they were apart.


The party meets Sabin.

When Sabin sees Vargas attack Edgar, along with Terra Branford and Locke Cole, he jumps in to save them. After confronting Vargas about his deeds, Sabin reveals his mastery of Duncan's Blitz techniques and defeats Vargas. Edgar recognizes Sabin, and Sabin offers to help his brother after a short reunion. Together, they see Banon in the Returner Hideout, but the rebel group is attacked by Imperial troops shortly after their arrival.

Banon heads for Narshe to investigate the frozen esper, and Terra, Edgar, and Sabin accompany him. On the way down the Lethe River they are attacked by Ultros who sticks a tentacle to Terra's leg. Sabin is enraged and jumps into the river to fight the octopus directly, but he is swept away and separated from the group.

Sabin washes ashore near a house, where he meets Shadow, the infamous mercenary. Shadow agrees to help him find his way to Narshe, and leads him south towards Doma, a kingdom under siege by the Empire. Sabin and Shadow sneak through an Imperial Camp and observe General Leo, Sabin being impressed by his principled nature. They overhear Kefka Palazzo's plan to dump poison into the river to kill Doma's citizens. Sabin and Shadow try to stop him, but to no avail. Cyan Garamonde, one of the finest soldiers in Doma and one of the only survivors of the poisoning, attacks the camp alone in revenge. Sabin and Shadow aid him, and Cyan agrees to help them travel to Narshe. Together they escape the camp in Magitek Armor and head south to the Phantom Forest.


The party find a diving helmet.

The trio boards the Phantom Train and learns they must shut off the engines to escape. They enlist the help of a ghost and stop the train. They head to the Baren Falls where Shadow leaves Sabin and Cyan. Sabin and Cyan jump down the falls and float down the river to the Veldt. They are rescued by a wild child named Gau, who refuses to talk to them unless they feed him. They buy Dried Meat from the nearby town of Mobliz and feed the boy, who shows them his "shiny thing," a scuba-diving helmet which allows them to travel the Serpent Trench to Nikeah. From Nikeah they take a ferry to South Figaro and complete the journey to Narshe.

Sabin, Cyan and Gau arrive as Kefka is planning a raid on Narshe to get the frozen esper. The three meet up with Banon, Terra, Locke, Edgar, and Celes Chere and successfully defend Narshe. After the battle Terra reacts with the esper and is turned into one herself, flying away. A search party is sent to look for her. On the way the party passes through Figaro and Sabin walks around the castle, which calls back old memories, including the coin toss with Edgar.

The party finds Terra atop the tallest tower in Zozo, where she is being cared for by Ramuh. He tells them they need to go to Vector and free the imprisoned espers, one of them being Terra's father, Maduin. They meet up with Setzer Gabbiani, the infamous gambler who owns an airship, after tricking him into kidnapping Celes. Setzer was not willing to help them, but Celes proposes a coin toss to decide it. If she won, Setzer would help; otherwise, Setzer and Celes would marry. Edgar provides a fixed coin to guarantee Celes's victory, much to Sabin's dismay. It is assumed this was the coin Edgar used when deciding which of the brothers would rule, but there is no ensuing conversation on this matter. Setzer helps anyway and the group recovers the espers from the Magitek Research Facility. Maduin's magicite returns Terra to normal and restores her memory.

FFVI PC Locke Leaving

Locke telling Sabin and the others to stay at Vector.

Back in Narshe, the Elder joins with the Returners. They plan to have Terra contact the espers and ask them to attack Vector, after which a coalition of Returners and Narshe guards would storm the city from the north. The plan is a success, and Emperor Gestahl sues for peace. At a banquet he asks Terra to convince the espers to negotiate a treaty. She and Locke go to Crescent Island to relay the Emperor's message, but Edgar and Sabin are skeptical and stay in Vector to make sure the Emperor wasn't lying.

Edgar seduces one of the Emperor's maids into revealing the Emperor's true plan: he wants to lure out the espers to capture them. They fly to Thamasa to warn Terra and Locke, but are too late. Kefka attacks the town and kills the espers, as well as General Leo. Using his newly-acquired magicite to revive the Warring Triad he and Gestahl turn the Esper World into the Floating Continent. The party chases after him, but Kefka's power has grown exponentially. He moves the statues out of alignment, causing the end of the world and he party is separated.

FFVI PC Sabin Collapsing House

Sabin holding the building in Tzen.

One year later, Sabin makes his way to the town of Tzen (and apparently passes through Albrook on the way) just as Kefka strikes with his "Light of Judgment." When the tallest building in town begins to collapse, Sabin uses his strength to hold the building up while he waits for someone to save the child inside. That someone happens to be Celes, and Sabin joins her after she saves the child.

Sabin and Celes make their way to a destroyed Mobliz where only the children have survived, being cared for by Terra. She is feeling things she never felt before, and as a result can no longer fight. Sabin and Celes defend the town from a monster named Humbaba. They make their way to Nikeah, where they find Edgar disguised as a thief named Gerad, purportedly the leader of the Crimson Robbers.

They don't know what Edgar is up to, so they follow him to South Figaro and through South Figaro Cave. They corner Edgar in Figaro Castle's engine room, where he reveals he was using the thieves to get into the submerged castle so he could resurface it. They help Edgar fight off the tentacles jamming up the engine, and Edgar rejoins them. They head to Kohlingen where they meet up with Setzer, who takes them to Darill's Tomb to find a new airship: the Falcon.

FFVI IOS Sabin and Duncan

Duncan teaches Sabin the ultimate technique.

Sabin hears Duncan is still alive, and is meditating in his house north of Narshe. Sabin pays Duncan one final visit where Duncan helps him perfect his ultimate Blitz technique: the Phantom Rush (Bum Rush in the original SNES translation). After defeating Kefka and while fleeing Kefka's collapsing tower, Sabin saves Edgar from being crushed by a falling girder. He says he only left Figaro to become stronger, and defend the kingdom and his brother from an Imperial attack.

Spoilers end here.


FF6 iOS Sabin Sprites

Being a Monk, Sabin has naturally high physical stats, but low magic stats. Despite his stats, most of Sabin's Blitzes depend on his magic power. His weapons are limited to claws, his shield options are limited to those universally used, and he can equip lightweight vests and tunics. Sabin's ability is Blitz, which lets him perform special attacks if the player inputs the proper button commands. Sabin learns more Blitzes as he levels up, but can learn his final ability from his master Duncan in the World of Ruin at any level. Sabin's Desperation Attack is Tiger Break, which deals magical damage to one enemy.

Sabin begins with a Metal Knuckle, Leather Cap and Leather Armor.


Name Initial Stats
Strength 47
Speed 37
Stamina 39
Magic 28
Attack 26
Defense 53
Evasion 12%
Magic Defense 21
Magic Evasion 4%
Escape Success 4
HP Gain 58
MP Gain 3
Level Averaging +2
Level HP MP EXP +
2 69 7 32
3 81 11 96
4 95 16 208
5 112 21 400
6 132 27 672
7 154 33 1056
8 178 40 1552
9 204 48 2184
11 259 65 3936
12 289 74 5080
13 324 84 6432
14 363 94 7992
15 407 104 9784
16 457 114 11840
17 511 124 14152
18 568 135 16736
19 629 146 19616
21 761 168 26360
22 830 179 30232
23 902 191 34456
24 978 203 39056
25 1057 215 44072
26 1139 227 49464
27 1225 239 55288
28 1315 252 61568
29 1410 265 68304
31 1609 291 83184
32 1710 304 91384
33 1812 318 100088
34 1914 332 109344
35 2017 346 119136
36 2121 360 129504
37 2227 374 140464
38 2334 389 152008
39 2442 404 164184
41 2663 434 190416
42 2776 449 204520
43 2890 465 219320
44 3006 481 234808
45 3123 497 251000
46 3242 513 267936
47 3362 529 285600
48 3484 546 304040
49 3609 563 323248
51 3867 596 364064
52 3998 611 385696
53 4131 625 408160
54 4265 638 431488
55 4401 650 455680
56 4538 661 480776
57 4677 671 506760
58 4819 680 533680
59 4963 688 561528
61 5255 701 620096
62 5403 706 650840
63 5553 711 682600
64 5705 717 715368
65 5858 723 749160
66 6013 730 784016
67 6169 737 819920
68 6327 744 856920
69 6487 752 895016
71 6809 768 974536
72 6964 776 1016000
73 7115 784 1058640
74 7260 791 1102456
75 7400 798 1147456
76 7536 805 1193648
77 7668 811 1241080
78 7794 817 1289744
79 7914 823 1339672
81 8144 834 1443368
82 8254 839 1497160
83 8362 844 1552264
84 8467 849 1608712
85 8569 854 1666512
86 8669 859 1725688
87 8767 864 1786240
88 8862 870 1848184
89 8954 876 1911552
91 9132 888 2042608
92 9219 894 2110320
93 9304 901 2179504
94 9387 909 2250192
95 9469 918 2322392
96 9549 928 2396128
97 9632 939 2471400
98 9718 951 2548224
99 9806 964 2637112



Claws Universal


Shields Helmets Body Armor

Musical themesEdit

"Edgar & Sabin"
Trouble with the audio sample?

Sabin shares his theme with Edgar, and it is the background music for Figaro Castle, as well as when either character is the focus of a scene. This leitmotif has a more sentimental reprise in "Coin Song", played during flashbacks of the two, and is reprised again in the "Ending Theme".

Other appearancesEdit

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Sabin makes a cameo during the data install sequence. If the player repeatedly presses the Square button during the install, eventually Sabin and Edgar will drop down from the top of the screen.

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

Sabin appears as a playable character. His initial weapon is the Metal Knuckles.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

Sabin appears as a Legend.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Sabin
Edgar's twin brother.
When Sabin learns that Figaro has broken its alliance with the Gestahlian Empire, he goes to fight at his brother's side.
—Game description.

Sabin is a playable character who could first be recruited during the Challenge Event A Fateful Coin Toss, Ascension and Freedom. He appeared later in Forgotten Bond, and was recruitable after accepting the Bonus Quest "Complete Mt. Kolts Elite (VI)" and completing it while the Quest system was in force.


Sabin is a Monk whose combat role is Physical Attack.

Perhaps in homage to his origins and his celebrated status, Sabin remains one of the strongest Monks in the game, having the highest HP for a class that includes the not-quite-so-famous Galuf, Josef, Refia, Zell, and Snow; his other stats are well-aligned with those mentioned. His only current drawback is that a few of his Unique Soul Breaks are elemental.

Level HP Attack Defense Magic Resistance Mind Accuracy Evasion Speed
1 230 11 9 7 7 8 20 20 102
10 1,160 34 28 15 15 18 20 20 107
20 2,002 55 46 24 24 30 20 20 114
30 2,780 75 63 35 35 43 21 21 120
40 3,519 96 79 46 46 57 21 21 126
RankMax: 5 5 5 3 1 1 2 3 3 4

Sabin can use Physical/Combat abilities up to rarity rank 5 and Other/Monk abilities up to rarity rank 5.

His default Soul Break is Raging Fist which at the expense of one Soul Gauge segment deals physical damage to one target equal to 150% damage potency of a conventional attack. The fist Kaiser Knuckles (VI) allows Sabin to use Rising Phoenix which at the expense of one Soul Gauge segment deals physical fire damage to all targets equal to 310% damage potency of a conventional attack.


Sabin can equip the following weapon types: daggers and fists. The fist Kaiser Knuckles (VI) allows Sabin to use Rising Phoenix.

He can equip the following armor types: shields, hats, light armor, and bracers.

He can equip accessories.

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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Sabin makes an appearance with Earth-elemental cards.

Triple TriadEdit

Sabin appears on Triple Triad cards in the version available via Final Fantasy Portal App.



Sabin is an Italian name that means "Man from the Sabines" (an ancient tribe from central Italy).

Rene is an alternate spelling of the French name René, which is derived from the Latin renatus, or "reborn".

Figaro is a French and Italian word for "barber", as well as the name of the central character from Pierre Beaumarchais's 1775 play The Barber of Seville.


Two kings by Solaryear

Young Sabin and Edgar, as drawn by Soraya Saga for the 10th anniversary of Final Fantasy VI.

  • Before Yoshitaka Amano drew the final artwork, Sabin, Edgar and their backstory were designed by Kaori Tanaka (later nicknamed Soraya Saga), an artist who would go on to participate in the development of Xenogears. Two royal siblings named Rene and Roni appear in the latter game. Soraya Saga also authored the doujinshi Figaro no Kekkon: Tales from Desert, which explores Sabin and Edgar's backstory.
  • The Blitz "Aura Cannon" ("AuraBolt") has the same button commands as the famous "Hadouken" from Street Fighter. They are both ranged attacks. However, Aura Cannon's appearance more closely resembles the more powerful "Shinkuu Hadouken" from the later X-men vs Street Fighter and VS series games.
    • In the same vein, the "Raging Fist" ("Pummel") shares the button command and name of a special move in the Art of Fighting series, and is one of the signature moves of the Kyokugenryu style of karate, practiced by protagonist Ryo Sakazaki.
  • For the instruction manual of Final Fantasy Origins, the PlayStation remake of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II, Sabin is shown as an example name chosen for the Monk class of Final Fantasy.
  • Professional wrestler and world champion Joshua Harter, formerly one half of the tag-team "The Motor City Machine Guns," wrestles under the ring name "Chris Sabin," a direct reference to Sabin Figaro. One of his signature moves is also the Bum Rush.
  • Using a Game Genie and the "Super Sprint Shoes" code, it's possible to bypass the battle with Vargas when the party meets Sabin by reaching the cave entrance before Vargas hops down. The player continues to the Returner Hideout and Sabin will not appear until the Lete River sequence at which point he's suddenly added into the party at level 1, with no equipment and no Blitz abilities.


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