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Rydia is a playable character in Final Fantasy IV and its sequels, Final Fantasy IV -Interlude- and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. She is the first dedicated Summoner in the Final Fantasy series, and also excels in casting Black Magic, making her an excellent offensive mage and thus her stat growth is geared toward magic use.

Final Fantasy IVEdit

IV As a Summoner, Rydia has high magic stats but low physical stats and can summon Eidolons, magical creatures that appear at her behest to devastate enemies.

Stats Edit

Rydia (2D)data extracted from the PSP version.
Level HP MP Strength Speed Stamina Intellect Spirit
1 30 10 3 4 2 8 5
10 115 59 6 9 5 15 9
20 326 146 11 13 10 23 18
30 647 231 16 17 15 31 27
40 1063 337 21 21 20 39 36
50 1628 445 26 25 25 47 45
60 2289 552 31 29 29 55 50
70*At random afterward, see in the table below. 3065 659 36 33 34 63 54
80 3910 765 rdm rdm rdm rdm rdm
90 4774 868 rdm rdm rdm rdm rdm
99*9763587 exp 5540 964 rdm rdm rdm rdm rdm

FFIV PSP Rydia Level Up Possibilities

Rydia's level up possibilities.

Level up possibilities -Rydia-Data extracted from the PSP version.
Possibility Strength Speed Stamina Intellect Spirit
1 -1 -1 0 0 -1
2 -1 0 -1 0 -1
3 -1 0 0 -1 -1
4 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1
5 +2 0 +2 +2 +2
6 0 0 0 +3 +3
7 +3 +3 0 +3 +3

Rydia -Child- (3D)
Level HP MP Strength Speed Stamina Intellect Spirit
7 101 50 10 8 8 6 3
10 141 70 13 10 11 6 3
20 344 137 17 14 15 16 12
30 637 204 21 18 19 25 20
40 1035 271 25 22 23 35 29
50 1542 338 28 25 26 44 37
60 2147 405 32 29 30 54 46
70*Depend on the augments in the charater's battle menu afterward. 2850 472 36 33 34 63 54

When Rydia rejoins the party the second time, she will be at level 30 if Child Rydia's level was inferior or equal to that level. If Child Rydia's level is superior to 30, Rydia will retain it. Finally, if Child Rydia's level is over 70 and has a specific level up (thanks to the Augment ability system), she will retain that level however she will also lose all stats bonuses. The stats bonuses applied are those from her default battle menu as an adult, meaning she will get bonuses for having Attack, Black Magic, Summon and item.

Rydia -Adult- (3D)
Level HP MP Strength Speed Stamina Intellect Spirit
30 623 204 21 18 19 35 20
40 1022 271 25 22 23 44 29
50 1521 338 28 25 26 54 37
60 2125 405 32 29 30 63 46
70*Depend on the augments in the charater's battle menu afterward. 2822 472 36 33 34 72 54

In order to reach 99 points in her stats, Rydia needs 63 points in Strength, 66 in Speed, 65 in Stamina, 27 in Intellect and 45 in Spirit.


IV-rydiaC sd

Rydia can use Black Magic and learns every spell, up to and including Meteor, but she learns them later than Palom due to her emphasis on Summon Magic. As a child, she can cast some basic White Magic. When she returns to the party as an adult, she has forgotten these spells.

Thundaga FFIV ios


In the 3D remake versions, Rydia can learn more White Magic as a child, and learns her later Black Magic at different levels. Rydia joins the party at Level 7, while she joins at Level 1 in all other releases, and thus knows several spells already. When she is reverted to a child during her Lunar Trial in the Advance and Complete Collection releases, she can cast her White Magic while retaining her Black Magic.

When Rydia rejoins as an adult in the Dwarven Castle after beating Golbez, she has Fira, Blizzara, Thundara, along with Cura. At this point, she no longer has the White Magic command and cannot use her White Magic spells and thus Cura can never be used outside of her trial in GBA and PSP versions, when she'll lose Summon Magic and temporarily regain White Magic.

In all releases, Rydia learns her Eidolons the same way.

Black Magic
Spell Level Learned
Blizzard 2 Known
Thunder 5 Known
Sleep 8 8
Poison 10 10
Warp 12 12
Toad 13 13
Fire*Learned at Mt. Hobs Event Event
Stop 15 15
Pig 20 20
Bio 26 26*Last Black Magic spell Child Rydia learns. 3D only
Fira*Known when Rydia returns as an adult Event Event
Blizzara*Known when Rydia returns as an adult Event Event
Thundara*Known when Rydia returns as an adult Event Event
Osmose 32 33
Drain*Known when Rydia returns as an adult in the 3D remake 36 Event
Blizzaga 39 38
Firaga 42 40
Thundaga 45 41
Quake*Known when Rydia returns as an adult in the 3D remake 47 Event
Break 49 43
Tornado 51 58
Death 52 55
Flare 55 60
Meteor 60 80
White Magic
Spell Level Learned
Cure 3 Known
Sight 4 Known
Hold 7 Known
Confuse 8
Esuna 10
Cura Event*Known when Rydia returns as an adult - Dummied Out 12
Raise 15
Spell Acquired
Chocobo Known
Whyt Known
Goblin Enemy drop
Cockatrice Enemy drop
Bomb Enemy drop
Mindflayer Enemy drop
Mist Dragon*Known when Rydia returns as an adult Event
Ifrit*Known when Rydia returns as an adult Event
Shiva*Known when Rydia returns as an adult Event
Ramuh*Known when Rydia returns as an adult Event
Titan*Known when Rydia returns as an adult Event
Asura Defeat Asura
Leviathan Defeat Leviathan
Sylph Inside the Sylph Cave
Odin Defeat Odin
Bahamut Defeat Bahamut


Rydia Adult - Staff Menu

Adult Rydia's equipment menu, featuring her equipped with a staff.

As a child, Rydia equips rods, staves, bows, daggers, and whips. As an adult, she loses the ability to equip staves. In the Game Boy Advance and PlayStation Portable versions, there is a loophole the player can use to equip the adult Rydia with a staff: when she transforms into a child in her Lunar Trial she regains her White Magic and the ability to equip staves, and will not remove any equipped staff she is given when the trial ends and she turns back into an adult. However, once the staff is removed it cannot be re-equipped without repeating the trial. In Final Fantasy IV Advance, equipping Rydia with the Mist Ring allows summoning the Mist Dragon to grant a Blink effect on the entire party. She joins with a rod, a leather cap, leather clothing and an iron armlet the first time and a whip, a gaia gear and a silver armlet the second time.

In the 3D remakes, she cannot equip bows. Her armor is limited to universal equips and mage equips. She joins with a rod, leather clothing and a silver armlet the first time and with a whip, a gold harpin, a luminous robe and a rune armlet the second time.

Bows*SNES/PS/GBA/PSP Daggers Rods Staves*Child only Whips
Head Body Arms
  • Mist Ring*(Advance and Complete Collection only)


Rydia appears as the Girl in the scripted battle with Cecil and Kain in Final Fantasy IV at Mist.


Rydia's Lunar TrialEdit


Rydia's Trial.

Rydia enters a cave filled with mist. She turns back into a child, and Ifrit, Titan, Ramuh, and Shiva abandon her. The party must find them and defeat them to regain them. After defeating them the mist dissipates, and the party fights Lunar Mist Dragon. After defeating it, the player gets the Mist Ring, which improves Rydia's Mist Dragon summon and grants the party the Blink status.

The Lunar Trials are available in the GBA and PSP versions of Final Fantasy IV.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-Edit

FFIV-I- Rydia appears for the final battle against Rydia?. Her level and full equipment except her equipped weapon are unknown, as the player cannot enter the menu while she is in the party.


She has 1100 HP and 330 MP. Since she knows Blizzaga but does not know Firaga, it can be hypothesized that Rydia is at level 39, 40 or 41.


She knows all her Black Magic up to Blizzaga. She also has all her summons except for Goblin, Bomb, Cockatrice and Mindflayer.

Spell Level Learned
Blizzard Known
Thunder Known
Sleep Known
Poison Known
Warp Known
Toad Known
Stop Known
Pig Known
Spell Level Learned
Bio Known
Osmose Known
Drain Known
Blizzaga Known
Fire Known
Fira Known
Blizzara Known
Thundara Known
Eidolon Acquired
Chocobo Known
Dragon Known
Titan Known
Shiva Known
Ramuh Known
Ifrit Known
Sylph Known
Odin Known
Leviathan Known
Asura Known
Bahamut Known


She is equipped with a Stardust Rod.

Bows Arrows Daggers Whips Rods
Head Body Arms

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edit


TAYPSPBattle Rydia


Rydia's MP and Intelligence are high, but her HP is among the lowest in the game. Compared to the other Black Mage of the game, Palom, Rydia's stats are inferior in all areas except for Speed and Spirit.

Level HP MP Strength Speed Stamina Intelligence Spirit
15 330 175 8 11 7 19 14
20 490 217 11 13 10 23 18
30 911 302 16 17 15 31 27
40 1412 412 21 21 20 39 36
50 2007 537 24 24 23 53 40
60 2794 643 30 27 28 59 47
70 3422 722 36 32 34 65 64
80 3667 779 39 33 35 67 57
90 3748 824 40 35 37 70 59
99 3955 863 41 37 38 73 60

Rydia is also a guest in Porom's Tale, she begins at level 15 ans caps at level 20.


TAY Wii Broken Heart

Rydia and Edge performing the Broken Heart Band.

Rydia retains her Black Magic, and her Summon abilities, but cannot summon anything as she loses her Eidolons at the start of her tale. With the exception of the Eidolons dropped by enemies, she cannot relearn them until The Gathering chapter, where the player must explore the world and defeat them. This is excluding Leviathan, Asura and Bahamut, who are fought and reacquired in the True Moon. The Chocobo Eidolon is also found in the Chocobo's Forest on an island west of Kaipo during The Gathering. Depending on the player's actions during the fights, it is possible Rydia may not relearn all her summons.

Magic Level Learned
Fire Known
Blizzard Known
Thunder Known
Sleep Known
Poison Known
Stop Known
Toad Known
Warp Known
Magic Level Learned
Fira Known
Blizzara Known
Thundara Known
Pig 20
Osmose 26
Bio 32
Drain 36
Blizzaga 41
Magic Level Learned
Firaga 42
Thundaga 43
Break 45
Quake 51
Death 55
Tornado 58
Flare 60
Meteor 65

Band Abilities
Ability Members MP Effect
Lightning Brain Buster
  • Rydia (Black Magic)
  • Luca (Attack)
7 Send a head-busting lightning-charged strike towards an enemy.
Thunderstorm*Will not carry over from Porom's Tale and must be relearned during the Final Tale
  • Rydia (Black Magic)
  • Palom (Black Magic)
25 A magical ice and lightning attack that targets all enemies. In the 3D version, this band does carry over from Porom's Tale to the Final Tale.
Broken Heart
  • Rydia (Attack, Bow)
  • Edge (Attack)
25 Attack all enemies with emotion-charged arrows.
  • Rydia
  • Edge (Event)
40 Create a tornado of flame to attack all enemies.
Thunder Wave
  • Rydia (Black Magic)
  • Ceodore (Attack)
20 Blows away all enemies with the power of lightning.
Iron Flash
  • Rydia (Summon)
  • Cecil (Attack)
40 Cecil borrows the power of Odin to cut through all enemies.
Holy Burst
  • Rydia (Black Magic)
  • Rosa (White Magic)
55 Holy magical attack on all enemies.
Mirage Song
  • Rydia (Summon)
  • Edward (Bardsong)
35 Call Mist Dragon to cast Blink on entire party.
Sylph Protection
  • Rydia (Summon)
  • Yang (Attack)
17 Rydia calls Sylphs to drain enemies of strength and power up Yang. Casts Haste, Protect and Shell on Yang, and heals HP equal to total damage done to enemies.
Can be used even if the Sylphs summon has not been recovered.
  • Rydia (Black Magic)
  • Leonora (Black Magic)
  • Palom (Black Magic)
20 Cast a succession of powerful black magic.
Flare Tornado
  • Rydia (Black Magic)
  • Edge (Ninjutsu)
  • Luca (Big Throw)
15 Create a flaming whirlwind that strikes all enemies.
Wild Whip
  • Rydia (Attack, Whip)
  • Harley (Attack, Whip)
  • Izayoi (Attack, Whip)
4 Three fighters whip a single enemy repeatedly.
Call Me Queen
  • Rydia (Attack, Whip)
  • Harley (Attack, Whip)
  • Izayoi (Attack, Whip)
  • Leonora (Attack, Whip)
11 Whip and turn the enemy into a Pig.
Final Fantasy
  • Rydia (Black Magic)
  • Cecil (Fight)
  • Edge (Throw)
  • Kain (Jump)
  • Rosa (White Magic)
75 Attack all enemies and heal party with a powerful combination.
  • Rydia (Black Magic)
  • Leonora (White Magic)
  • Palom (Black Magic)
  • Porom (White Magic)
  • Rosa (White Magic)
60 Five fighters combine to cast powerful magic on enemies and heal themselves.
  • Rydia (Black Magic)
  • Harley (Gil Toss)
  • Izayoi (Illusions)
  • Rosa (Aim)
19 Surprise one enemy with an attack.


In her own Tale, Rydia starts with a Whip, a Leather Cap, Leather Clothing and an Iron Armlet. As a guest in Porom's Tale, she joins with the same equipment.

Bows and Arrows Daggers Rods Whips
Shields Head Body Arms


Permanently missable contentEdit

The Eidolon Chocobo can be missed if the player does not pick it up inside the Chocobo Forest during the Gathering's Tale: The Moon's Gravity. It is located on the island in the middle of the ocean between Troia and Kaipo.

Many Eidolons can be permanently missed if killed during their battles.

If Rydia has recovered Leviathan and Asura as summons, Bahamut will turn on the Mysterious Girl and destroy her before returning to Rydia, but if not, Bahamut must be slain and will not be available to be summoned.

Several items are only obtainable in Challenge Dungeons; once the final section of the game is started, anything that isn't imported from those is permanently lost.

Rydia's Challenge DungeonEdit

TAY PSP Rydia's Challenge Dungeon

Rydia's Challenge Dungeon.

Rydia's Challenge Dungeon is a three floor cave. Many doors are actually Trap Doors, while several walls are Demon Walls and cause doorways or staircases to appear when defeated. The first two floors are mazes of doors, while the third floor consists of several platforms that are connected by ropes. On each platform only one of the ropes can be climbed safely, the other two trigger a scripted encounter. The dungeon is accessed by speaking to Challengingway in Agart. During some plays of the dungeon, certain doors will be locked. Though the player will always be able to reach the end, some side passages with treasure may be blocked off.