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Rursan Reaver (1) is an enemy in Final Fantasy Type-0. It is one of two variants of the Rursan Reaver.

Enemy Compendium Edit

This warrior born of the accursed Rursus Crystal slowly floats toward its victim, teleporting closer and closer until it is near enough to deliver a fatal blow.

A single slice from its Rursan Blade will inflict Killsight status in addition to dealing considerable damage. Moreover, the Reaver will regenerate ad nauseam unless one harvests its phantoma.

Battle Edit

Rursan Reavers are slow and will become invisible, during which attacks won't connect. It only uses an overhead attack with a sword that doesn't do much damage, but if hit, the cadet will be briefly afflicted with Killsight, meaning if hit during it they die in one hit. When their HP is brought down a Killsight appears, allowing one to dispatch them.

Strategy Edit

The cadets must bring the Reaver's health down to almost nothing, score a Killsight, and harvest its phantoma to rid of it. They are not tough enemies and both melee and ranged cadets are good against them. When they turn invisible the player can do nothing but wait for them to reappear.

Gallery Edit

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