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EoT Ruins

The Ruins are a dungeon in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. It becomes accessible after defeating Larkeicus and then talking to Norschtalen.

The Hero heads here to find a way to locate the Crystal Core fragments. At the bottom of the ruins, the Hero finds a strange Yuke. When the crystal the Hero carries shone, however, the Yuke transformed into a Deathgaze.



Phase 1 - Normal Mode
  • 60 gil
  • Blue Fay Dust
  • Copper Shard
  • Dark Dust
  • Green Fay Dust
  • Iron
  • Iron Shard
  • Red Fay Dust
  • Thunder Boost
  • White Dust
  • Yellow Fay Dust
Phase 2 - Normal Mode
  • Fire Stone 1
  • Frost Stone 1
  • Thunder Stone 1
  • Anti-Burn Stone 1
  • Anti-Frost Stone 1
  • Anti-Zap Stone 1


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